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...Liberating the Leader in everyone

Who we are

At Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy, we are passionate about raising leaders of Character, Competence and Courage for National and Global Transformation.

Training Contacts

Training Contact takes place every First and Third Saturday of the month. The Second Saturday of the Month offers one live session contact through the Closed-Facebook Group exclusively created for PRELA members.

What to expect at PRELA

This platform will provide coaching opportunity where you will get deeper insights for unique leadership with group interactions and practical answers to some of your leadership questions.

PRELA Course Schedule

Every month, two new courses begin. Each Course is divided into three modules – two on-demand training contacts and one live session. After successful completion of the 12 courses, leaders earn a Certificate in Leadership from the Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy.


When the leader 
in everyone is liberated extraordinary things happen

 The focus of Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy is to help you become a Productive Leader who is leading with Purpose, so you may ultimately fulfil your Potential. Because we believe everyone has potential to provide creative solutions to the challenges of life and influence others in the same, we are passionate to give everyone the opportunity to be part of our school.


Earn a Diploma Certicificate in Leadership

The program is flexible, suitable for those who may be occupied with other engagements and leadership tasks. You will be concentrated in a special environment of inspiration that will enable you to get fired up in taking your life and organization to a higher level.


 There is a high demand of exceptional people who can lead themselves, Families, Church, Schools, Teams, Other Leaders, Communities, Organizations and Nations into fulfilment of Greater Purpose with Destinies Impacting Vision and Values that Honours God.

You Can Be A World Changer

The World is Leadership malnourished, desperate for Good and Godly Leaders.


Course Fee is Free at PRELA Basic and Advanced Leadership Certificate Course. But, registration is mandatory and  a monthly token Fee of =N=5,000.00k commitment for the Course Materials is expected from every participant. Course Material fees are to be paid monthly or at once to this designated account: Destiny Lifters – Stanbic IBTC – 0029081124.  



Prela schedule of monthly courses.
Completion of all 12 courses is required for graduation

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:Leading with Character, Comptence and Courage

Textbook: Unleash the Leader in You

ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Getting Extraordinary Things Done in Your Organization

Textbook: Making Extraordinary Impact

GOAL ORIENTED LEADERSHIP: What You Need To Know About Great Leading

Textbook: The Leadership Edge

LEADING TEAMS: How To Inspire Excellent Spirit in the Workplace

Textbook: The High Performing Teams

YOUTH LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT: Best Practices for Leading Youths and Young Adults

Textbook: Leading Young People

LEADERSHIP AND MONEY SKILLS: The Secrets about Money that Every Leader Must Know

Textbook: Money Mastery: Practical Guide for Leaders

ENTREPRENEURIAL AND BUSINESS LEADERSHIP: Vital Leadership Traits for Entrepreneurship and Business Success

Textbook: The Business of Leadership

MISSIONAL LEADERSHIP: Equipping Leaders To Reach A Changing World

Textbook: The Leader On A Mission

LEADERSHIP AND MARRIAGE: Enriching Marriage and Family Relationships

Textbook: Leadership and Marriage

CHILD DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP: Making Champion of Children in all Learning Areas

Textbook: Leadership and Children

CHRISTOCENTRIC LEADERSHIP: Becoming an Outstanding Leader in Your calling

Textbook: Leading With Purpose and Power

LEADERSHIP ETHICS AND ETIQUETTE: The Leader’s Guide To Finishing Strong 

Textbook: Leadership Ethics and Etiquette


Leading with Character, Competence and Courage

This program is designed to help you lead others, grow, succeed and become the leader God has called you to be. You will:
 Learn to Lead with Character, Competence and Courage.
 Join a network of other Passionate, high performing and impact driven leaders.
 Earn a Certificate in Leadership from PRELA
 Get answers to tough leadership issues in various day-to-day and practical aspects of life
 Be Mentored and Coached with One-On-One tailor fit needs of Your Personal, Ministry and Professional demands
 Access a growing library of resources
 Receive 12 Books exclusively published for PRELA participants
 Enjoy the privilege of on-going leadership development opportunities


Three Saturdays each month, the first and third Saturdays will be for trainings, workshops and assessments. While the last Saturdays will be for Leadership Coaching. Members of PRELA will have direct contact of Dynamic Leadership Training with seasoned and qualified instructors.


Every second Saturday, we will stream module two training which will be exclusively created for those in our program through Facebook closed group.


Every member of PRELA must belong to what we call LRG. The purpose of this group is to meet the demand of continuous exploring learning opportunities after the formal classes have ended. This Leadership Resource Group will be made of peers who are able to provide a regular forum in which to extend learning, share successes, and solve professional problems.


The IDEA session stands for Innovation, Development, Enthusiasm and Application. This session will hold once in a month by introducing experienced leaders to share the practical secrets of success in various aspects of leadership.


1. Educational Leadership – This resource group is for Education Consultants, School administrators, Head of Schools, Proprietors, teaching and non-teaching staff.
2. Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership – This resource group is for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business people
3. Ministry Leadership – This resource group is for Church leaders, Music ministers and other Ministry Leaders.
4. Private and Public Service Leadership – This resource group is for Force Personnel, Politicians, NGO’s, Civil Servants and others in Private and Public Services. 


The Best Leaders are not just Best Learners, they are Best Explorers

Wisdom for Leaders 

If the Good do not Lead and keep the Initiative, then the evil will

Faith is the primary factor that separates those who will accomplish their goals from those who will not…

Great Success usually comes at a great price. What comes cheaply usually has little value…

A Primary job of a Leader is to Discern the Present and to See the Future. We will not Lead Successfully unless we know where we are Going…


It’s our delight to give everyone the opportunity to be part of PRELA, to help people lead with Character, Competence and Courage for National and Global Impact 



executive advanced leadership training (Exalt) october 7-11, 2019

Join us! It will only take a minute

Meet Our Team

At PRELA, people are our greatest asset. We are purpose-driven with single commitment towards bringing out the best in everyone . Each of our team members represents the best value within thier discipline. Your connection with us will surely give you an experience of Personal and Corporate fulfillment.  

Benjamin Suulola

Executive Director, PRELA

Funmilola Suulola

Director of Executive Leadership Programs

Yinka & Charity Iyanda

Mission Directors

Victor Maji Ojochebge

Director of Youth Leadership and Development

Grace Abel-Eghigiator

Director of Women /Educational Leadership Development

Olufemi Davids

Leadership Coach/Social Educator

Lekan Adeyemi

Leadership Coach/Consultant

Toyin Aladegbami Gontor

Leadership Coach/Social Educator

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