#1 Key to Develop Strong Personal Prayer Habits – Feb 14 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

It’s quite interesting how valentine day stirs up one major spirit in people, the deep desire to express love by connecting with loved ones.

The primary longing in those who observe valentine is simply to connect with others in an atmosphere that practically improve quality of relationships. The connection can either be one-to-one or a large scale group level.

Connecting Improves the Quality of every Relationship

Love values presence. Loneliness is seen as not being loved. Wherever love is, shared presence is highly demanded. If you’re loved, your lover values your presence than your presentations.

The most important sign that shows people are in love relationship is their unwillingness to be apart from one another. They just want to be together.

Recapture Your Lost Love

The first thing you need to do to develop a strong personal prayer habits is to recapture your lost love for Jesus.

Restoration of Love Revives Prayer Passion

Don’t pursue a strong prayer life. I advice that you rather pursue a strong love for Jesus in your heart. When I began to pursue how to improve my prayer life, I did quite some few things.

I bought prayer books, attended prayer summits and tried to set some goals like fasting and how many hours I must pray in a day.

Love Passionately Seek to Connect

The things I did as efforts to improve my prayer life were right and helpful, but couldn’t solve my struggle.

God began to help my prayer life when His love fully captured my heart. Beginning from that time, my hunger for God’s Presence got deeper.

Prayer changed from something of necessity to a longing for the loving atmospheric presence of God.

Developing strong personal prayer habits begins with a fresh love for God that creates a hunger for His Presence.


Join us to pray for the peace of God in the coming Saturday election in Nigeria!


“Do not let prayer become a mere form”

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