There are many reasons why people write books. You need to also understand the reason why you want to write a successful book. Maria Rilke says, “Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depth of your heart; confess to yourself you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.”
Here are twelve important reasons why people write books:

#1 – To Share their story With Family and Friends
Some people are only interested in making their families and friends benefit from their story. So they write a book in effect to this.

#2 – To Help Others Overcome a Personal Obstacle
There are some “How –To” books that deals with helping people overcome a personal obstacles like habits, addictions, disabilities and many more.

#3 – To Write About Hobby or Personal Passion
Whatever you love doing or passionate about can be a reason to write a book. And this can become a driven passion and hobby for the reader.

#4 – To Build or Enhance Professional Career
Writing books in academic world can be an enhancing tool to advance one’s professional career.

#5 – To Share Information on a Specialized Topic
There are topics any writer can’t just pick up and begin to write about. These are specialized topics. And only those who specialize in such field can share accurate information. For instance, I cannot share information on medical topics which only the practitioners and specialists can do without any constraints.

#6 – To Express Deepest Personal Thoughts
Sometimes deepest personal thoughts that can cause positive change in other people’s lives and in the society can become a reason for writing a book. In fact, personal thoughts of various Preachers, Theologians, Philosophers, Psychologists, Professionals, Politicians and Musicians have shaped the world in many ways and places.

#7 – To Write for the Love of Writing
There are people who write because they love to write. They are not specialized in any area. They only write because they love to write.

#8 – Have what it takes for Commercial Service
Some people write because they have what it takes to be successful in the market. They have the name, popularity, credibility, capability, expertise and strong capital base.

#9 – To Reach a Wide Circle of Readers
The sales coach expert and author, Brian Tracy writes four or five books each year and is published by seven different publishers in the U.S, as well as dozens of publishers in 37 languages and about 53 Countries. He has sold millions of books on a wide variety of subjects. One of the reasons he’s able to achieve this is because he writes to reach wide circle of readers in the world.

#10 – To Make Money
Book writing as money making means is what prompt some people to write. They focus on how their book can enrich them. This in reality should be secondary. Every writer must have this register in their minds that you must live to write, not write to live.

#11 – To Write for Fame
Some people write for fame. They want to be a celebrity and have their names in media, prints, TV talk shows, radio and the internet.

#12 – To Solve Problems and Help Others
Great books are written to solve problems in the world, help people solve their personal problems, reveal the mind of God, educate others, inspire and teach the principles of life. Any book that is not aimed at solving certain problems of humanity, provide solutions and adding to existing knowledge may not achieve the purpose which every book is meant to be written.
So, look into the twelve points we have just discussed to see if any of these reasons agrees with your own reason of writing a book. Can you share with us your reason(s).