Fight to Prevail – March 1 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

Happy New Month!

It is important for us to know that life is a battle field. Leadership is also a battle against many vices. Great leaders emerge through some specific fight.

What makes a Victim in Life

To think we can live or lead without a fight is the greatest delusion of a victimized life. No one amount to anything in God without a fight. Every great person we can remember in the Scripture fought to prevail.

Whether you’re denying or facing it, the reality about your life now is that, you’re going through a particular fight. There is something about your life you are not comfortable with. There is something you want to change, get, attain, have, transform, overcome or achieve.

Don’t Deny What You need to Deal With

The greatest defeat is denial of what you need to confront. Fear is a result of long term denial of the enemy you ought to bring down in your life, family and organization. Fear can keep you in perpetual bondage (1 Samuel 17:11). 

There is a Fight You must Win!

Denial of your fight is your refusal to face the giant oppressing your life or the people you’re leading.

Learn to accept the reality that there is a fight to win. In other words, stop behaving as if you’re not in a fight. Denying what you need to confront will not take it away.

Hide in God

The number one principle of prevailing in life and leadership is to hide in God. The best way to prevail over life’s and leadership battles is to let God do the fighting. Those who prevail hides in God, not from their fight. They hide in God to launch a fight. When we learn how to hide in God, it’s either God fights for us or through us.

Pray for Grace to depend on the Lord fully this month (1 Samuel 2:9)

“Learn to accept the reality that there is a fight to win.”

“…Weep not; behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof” (Revelation 5:5)

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