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#4 Key to Develop Personal Prayer Habits – Feb 17 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

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Few years ago, I wrote a book titled “The Making of Winners.” The book is about twelve cardinal laws of winning in life and ministry. 

When I was going through the book some days ago, I realized that one of the laws of winning called the law of consistency is the most important law among other cardinal laws of winning.

Consistency Communicates Commitment

One of the most important and also the most difficult things in developing effective personal prayer habits is consistency.

Looking into the prayer life of Jesus, one thing that stands out was His consistency in maintaining prayer appointments with God. 

Through His consistency, He communicated the demand of commitment to prayer which later drew the attention of His disciples to build their lives on the same priority.

Consistency is Prioritizing Time on Purpose

You’re consistent when you do something recurrently at the same time. It simply shows priority on purpose. And this helps the development of personal prayer habits.

Jesus demonstrated priority of prayer purpose by consistent keeping of His prayer appointments with God. As place is important in prayer, time is also highly important. We must be consistent in keeping special times of prayer.

God is Faithful in keeping Appointments with Us

The Scripture says, “God visits us” (Psalm 8:4). The visitation here means to give attention to or care for.

And like one of my mentors said, “The day God refused to keep this appointment, death has taken place.”

Schedule Special Prayer Times for Yourself and Keep to It

If God is faithful daily in keeping appointment with us, we must not fail in this. We need to trust the Holy Spirit to help us develop this discipline of consistency.

It will definitely enhance our relationship with God.

Let’s receive grace for a consistent prayer time with God.

“Schedule Special Prayer Times for Yourself”

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