I want you to understand this: Joseph was able to go through this suffering, trials, character testing and eventually received the fulfillment of his dream because he was possessed by his dream, second, he renewed his dream in the midst of suffering, third, he pursued his dream and fourth, he waited for the perfect timing from God.
1.   Be Obsessed by Your Vision
           It is one thing to possess a vision, but it is another thing to be obsessed by your vision. You can be frustrated, give up and throw away the trowel because of sufferings even though you possess vision. Someone said, “The majority see the obstacles; the few see the objectives. Therefore, obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the vision.” But that is not possible when you have been possessed by your vision. There’s a strong power that works in everyone who is possessed by something. The more you afflict someone who is possessed by a vision, the tenacious and unbeatable he or she becomes. Such person would always see beyond the present circumstance. This is one of the secrets that kept Joseph in the midst of trials.
          So far in history, all the great visionaries who made and still making impact in the world today are people who simply became possessed by their vision. Some of them suffered for many years in prison, some experienced failure many times and most of them were once despised and mocked. They have been told they would never amount to anything in life. But these people refused to be silenced by the oppositions because they were possessed by their vision.
          Therefore, you also need to be possessed by your vision. It must drive you from time to time. It must consume your heart and burn within you always. You must not allow your circumstance to kill the vision inside you. Until you are possessed by your vision it may be difficult for you to triumph in the midst of challenges. So be possessed by your vision.
2.   Renew Your Vision in the midst of Challenges
As you remain possessed with your vision, keep renewing it in the midst of your challenges. Keep seeing the fulfillment of your vision in the eyes of your spirit. You must go back to where you wrote your vision and read over and over again continuously to yourself.
Make sure you don’t stop declaring the reality of your vision – although it may look foolish while you keep doing this, but keep doing it anyway. Keep praying about the vision, by establishing its manifestation in the realm of the spirit.
The more you declare what you are seeing about the future, the more you are renewing that vision in your mind.
As you are doing this, you will be encouraged to carry on in the midst of trials. When others are depressed you will be vibrant even though you are going through the same situation. The renewal of vision can be encouraging in the midst of challenges.
3.   Pursue Your Vision in the Midst of Challenges
Most people stopped pursuing vision when a challenge comes. They will become less passionate and inactive. They will abandon the vision thinking they can continue pursuing it when the trial is over.
Such attitude can be very devastating to fulfillment of a vision. We must understand that suffering is part of the test we must experience before God can allow us to see the fulfillment of the vision He has given to us. There is no fulfillment of vision that is delivered on a platter of gold. And one major key to achieving our vision is the ability to turn the challenges before us to the equivalent change. Meanwhile, this can only happen when we passionately pursue our vision in the midst of a challenge.
          Another importance of pursuing a vision in the midst of trials is the development of certain abilities and skills that will be needed from us to finally achieve our vision. If we don’t sharpen our gifts and skills in the midst of trials when God is preparing us for what lies ahead, it may be difficult for us to succeed at the verge of breakthrough.
Although you may have a great vision, but there are some special abilities you will need to fulfill it. So you cannot wait until the trial is over before you begin to practice those special gifts God has deposited inside you. Start using them now because they are actually what will announce you and take you from the phase of preparation to the phase of manifestation.
          Remember what Joseph kept doing inside the prison – interpreting dreams. And that was the thing God used to bring him out, then, placed him at the centre where his dream came to pass.
David was also busy developing himself in the bush before Saul located him. Even during the trying moments of his life when Saul was after his life, David kept using the gifts God deposited inside him and it later brought him to the centre of fulfilled vision.
You may also be in obscurity now where you are going through the most trying periods of your life. Yet, keep pursuing your vision by developing the gifts God deposited inside you. In a short while, the same gifts will speak for you and bring you to the centre where your vision will become reality.
4.   Wait for the Perfect Timing
Your vision will speak if you can wait patiently for its perfect timing. Every vision is for an appointed time just as the Bible said, although it may seems to take a long time before you see the reality. But the Scriptures assure us that even if it takes long to come to pass, we must wait for it because it will not overdue a single day. It will surely speak.
This means there’s a moment of incubation and waiting before any vision can speak. Meanwhile, this period is always the most difficult one for every visionary – the silenced period of a vision when we have to wait for it to speak. But as difficult as it is, this period is the best period for a visionary. It is the period God prepares him for the fulfillment of the vision. The time his life is being worked upon by God and those to whom the vision will impact. 
However, the process of this waiting period must never be jumped. It must be thoroughly experienced. When this process is jumped or short-circuited, it may be devastating because God makes everything beautiful in its own time.
Therefore, we must wait on God for the appointed time the vision he has given to speak. We must not jump the process. If we do not wait for God’s perfect timing, we will miss God factor in the vision. Then, no matter how good it may look, when God is no longer the director and instructor in the pursuit of a vision, it will soon lead to confusion and division.
So, make sure you wait for God’s perfect timing and your vision will surely speak.