Leaders set a right atmosphere of their environment through the way they lead. They determine the chemistry of their homes, organizations and church through their actions. There are certain outstanding traits that separates great leaders from good leaders. These extraordinary habits also makes such leaders to be unique in their approach to leadership wherever they may be found. I believe that the way some leaders go about leadership has a lot to do with a lifestyle they have adopted at one time or the other.

I like to discuss exceptional habits of uncommon leaders. What makes some leaders unique among others. Why some leaders approach their leadership assignment in a very different manner not like the common things obtainable everywhere.

1.) People oriented, not results oriented

Common leaders are always results driven. They focus always on achieving, accomplishing, and getting results. These are not bad. It isn’t bad to be results driven provided you have not made that your primary goal in being a leader. Uncommon leaders think about bringing out the best in people, not using people to get the best for themselves.

2.) Value People for who they are, not for what they can do

Common leaders are people users. They only value people around them for what they can do. While uncommon leaders value people for who they are. Most times, leaders who see people as valuable for who they are instead for what they could do end up getting the best of what the people could do. The secret is: People give more where they are valued for who they are than where they are valued for what they could do.

3.) Having a Servant Mentality

Common leaders are often in it for what they could get for themselves. Having a servant mentality is the hallmark of uncommon leaders. Uncommon leaders are not self – seeking. They derive their joy in meeting real needs of the people. They go out of their way to work for the good of others. They are just servants who choose to sacrifice what some might have taken as rights and privileges.

4.) Leading to Victory

Common leaders may lead to victory once and sit on it. But uncommon leaders will lead their people to victory all the time. Uncommon leaders see leading people to victory as their main calling and purpose. They help the team to win. They create hunger and thirst for exceptional performance in their team members. They also give every necessary support and encouragement to make team success possible.

5.) Uncommon Leaders have Strong Faith

They are excellent role models to those they lead through their faith. In the face of challenges and difficulties, they show their depth of trust and dependence on God. In the midst of celebration of successes and achievements, they always remember to return the glory to God.

6.) Empowering followers to be leaders

Common leaders love to lead followers. Uncommon leaders empower followers to be leaders. They do so by inspiring and teaching their followers what they need to be leaders. They give responsibilities that can bring out the leadership gifts inherent in their followers. They are never comfortable raising bunch of followers but making followers leaders.

7.) Display good character and develop it in others

Essentially, being a leader demands that one be a person of good character. A leader must be honest, have integrity, be truthful, be compassionate and many other virtues expected from someone with good character. Common leaders are also expected to have all these. But uncommon leaders will not just have these virtues, they will develop the same in others. They ensure people understand the benefits of having good character and consequences of displaying bad character. And they help their people to live out the good character.

Ponder on these things…

“Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one has thought.” – von-Szent-Gyorgyi

Leadership is the process of helping people do the worthwhile things they want to do.

“The prime function of a leader is to keep hope alive.”–John Gardner

Leadership usually begins with a vision of success; A glimmering intuition that solutions to problems are possible.

“You lose leadership when you cease to lead.” –Henry Cabot