Bear Your Cross Daily – April 19 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

As a life developer, one of the things I usually ensure with those that I coach and disciple is to let them understand that, no matter how much I have invested in guiding them by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they must still own their decisions. 

Cross bearing is a personal matter that has been put aside and buried under the most popular teachings of success, prosperity and social relevance in our churches today.

But no matter what, we cannot skip this important decision to which Christ has called every believer.

As the whole world remembers the death of Jesus Christ today, we are to come to a point of asking whether we have fully done what Jesus asked us to do –  Taking up our own cross and following Him (Mark 8:34).

The life of cross bearing is not resorting to fate as many popularly believed.

It is simply a decision to respond to the call of self denial, refusing to allow our fleshly desires to dictate the way of life, but the discipline to become dead to self will and to completely become responsive to the will of the Father.

Bearing your own cross is responding to a life of sacrifice just as Jesus did.

Cross bearing is the central theme of the Gospel. It is the ingredient that made Good News indeed news that is good.

Although, we saw a man that came along the way to help Jesus carry His cross, but it was Jesus who finally bore the cross.

No one could help Him to die on His cross. Even the loving that promised to die with Jesus later fled and left Him to bear the cross alone (Matthew 27:32-35, John 19:17-18).

Before he was interrupted, when Abraham lifted up his knife to sacrifice his only son for the sake of pleasing God, it was a real picture of cross bearing.

The pathway to a greatest life in God is by cross bearing.

Nothing can stop or limit a believer who chooses to die to self in order to be alive in God.

It is time to bear your cross daily and by following Jesus’ example.

Appreciate God for sending His Son to die for our sins. Then ask God for grace to also bear Your Own cross daily to follow Jesus.

“The pathway to a greatest life in God is by cross bearing.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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