It was a blessing sitting down, listening passionately and taking notes in the Chapel when one of our ministers today preached on Carpenter’s Rule on Decision Making. This is a message I think should not be for only those who were privileged to attend our service today. I like to share with you from the impact the message has made on me.
Really, life is about decision making. We all make decisions every time no matter how big or little. And whether we believe it or not, decisions determine our destinations. Every time we make a decision, it leads us to a destination.

Every decision leads us somewhere

So whenever we don’t like the outcomes of our decisions, we must know that the problem is not with the outcome, it’s with the decision.

The Carpenter Rule on Decision Making says: Measure twice but cut once. This rule deals with the process of making right decisions

It helps to clarify the school of thought that says everything is created twice – The mental state and the physical state. When it comes to making right decision, we must not be rash about it.
Look twice, Leap once
The general saying about look before you leap is not complete. Sometimes we need to look more than once before we leap. We must learn to think issues through before deciding on things that may have grave consequence on us.
Learn from your Mentor
One of the ways we can make right decisions is to learn from others who are doing well in the path we have chosen to follow. We must learn from them, watching how they make decisions and the basis on which they make decisions. I learnt through the Carpenter Rule that when you follow a mentor and don’t learn from him, watching how he measures and cut, you may likely not get accurate results when it is your turn to cut.
Don’t be Overconfident
It is good to have confidence whenever you want to cut (make decisions). But it is dangerous to think you can always cut without measuring since you are used to cutting. It is called overconfidence and may be dangerous.
Avoid Poisonous Love
There are times we need to help people around us from the danger of violating the Carpenter Rule. But because we didn’t want them to be offended – we allow them to go ahead and make decisions that may later have negative implications on them. Such love is called a poisonous love. It is a killer love. Even if someone will be offended, it is better to help the person escape the consequence of making wrong decision. The person will later come back to appreciate us for being kind even when he thought we are not.
Don’t Make Decision Out of Lust
Lust is yielding to an unhealthy desire. And it is dangerous to make decision on the basis of lust. When decisions are made out of lust, it eventually leaves one with regrets and pains.
Don’t Make Decision to Avoid Criticism
Your critics are always there whether you are making right or wrong decisions.
Follow God’s Instructions
To apply Carpenter’s rule: always align yourself with the word of God. Never take counsel outside God. Never act with the mind that no one sees you even God. Allow God to always direct your thoughts. Be filled with God’s fullness so that even when you have to quickly make a decision without having a second thought, He can always guide you to make right ones.