“And so it is with prayer – keep on asking and you will keep on getting; keep on looking and you will keep on finding; knock and the door will be opened.”-Luke 11:9TLB
Give your burdens to the Lord. He will carry them. He will not permit the godly to slip or fall.”- Psalm 55:22TLB
Prayer is a key to our experience of God’s love, peace and joy. In it we offer up our desires, burden, dependence and assurance for the good things we want from Him. Prayer creates atmosphere of fellowship and communion with God needed for triumphant living. The power of prayer brings God into our situation, circumstances, difficulties, problems, worries and our burdens. When we pray, we activate a supernatural force that makes God’s glory to fill our soul. Our spirit will be empowered and attuned to God. To engage the power of prayer is the first step to experience triumphant living.
          John Wesley once said, “You need not utterly despair even of those who for the present “turn again and rend you.” For if all your arguments and persuasive fail, there is yet another remedy left, and one that is frequently found effectual, when no other methods avails. This is prayer. Therefore, whatsoever you desire or want, either for others or for your own soul, “Ask, and it shall be given you.”
          In the ordeal of Temmy and Eliot, the first step towards their triumphant living was prayer. They engaged the power of prayer when all hope was lost. The scripture says; give your burdens to the Lord. And one of the ways you can do this is to engage the power of prayer. God cares so much for us that He does not want us to carry our burdens. He knows our burdens and also understands how terrible it can be when we carry the burdens ourselves. Nothing frustrate fast as burdens. Life looks like hell whenever we carry burdens on ourselves. It makes God’s best far from us. You can’t be a carrier of your burdens – problems, disappointments, sickness and be excused from breakdown.
          To carry these burdens yourself is to be under the bondage of many things – depression, anxiety, self-defeat, lack of progress and many other vices. At the same time, you can’t solve your problems by yourself, let alone putting them on self. The more you carry your problems yourself, the more damage it will cause you. The best way to deal with your burdens in life is to hand them over. Hand your problems over to God by prayer. Your triumphant living experience is only determined by who will carry your burdens. Whether you or God.
You can’t afford to suffer anymore under your undesirable condition. Enough is enough for whatever may be your challenges. Although, you may have been knocked down different times, now is the time to rise again. You may have even concluded about your circumstance as your lot in life. Thinking nothing can change for the better. The fact that failure has been your constant experience should not stop your desire of God’s best today.
God knows your condition right now. He understands your feelings than anyone else. He knows the secret pains you have that you can’t share with anybody. He knows your weaknesses and limitations. God knows the various questions in your heart about why things shouldn’t be the way they are. He knows when you are being hurt and humiliated by the people you love and trusted. He knows all your worries. God is aware of your sufferings and challenges. He knows all things about you, and not only that, He’s willing to solve all your problems and make you enjoy His best for your life. What you need is to take the first step – handing your problems over to God in prayer.
          Whatever may be your situation now, take it to God in prayer. Don’t just sit down to complain and lament over your problems. Pour out your heart to God. Give your burden over to Him. He will carry them. The Bible says, “He will not permit the godly to slip or fall.”That is God for you. He will never permit you to be wrecked by the negative circumstances of life. He will make sure you enjoy a triumphant living. But the truth is: you must seek Him in prayers. It does not matter how big your problem is – prayer can solve it. You can’t have triumphant experience without engaging the power of prayer.
          Jesus once said, “Come to me and I will give you rest – all of you who work so hard beneath a heavy yoke” (Matthew 28:11TLB). The rest Jesus promised to offer you is God’s best for your life. And you can’t afford to miss it. I know you may want to say, “Ben, you don’t understand my own situation.” I have been praying and nothing has changed yet.” I know it is possible you have been praying, yet nothing happens. You are yet to experience God’s best for your life. I want to encourage you; never give up on your prayers. Keep rolling your problems over to God in prayers as they come. God will never fail you. Remember Jesus promised in Luke 11:9, “And so it is with prayer – keep on asking and you will keep on getting; keep on looking and you will keep on finding; knock and the door will be opened.”This is Jesus’ promise to us.
Believe and hold unto His word. Keep on asking and you will keep on getting. Keep looking for God’s best and you will find it. Knock the door of God’s favour, joy, peace, success, breakthrough and it will be opened. The key word here is: the day you take the first step of calling on God, you have already engaged the supernatural. Something has already taken shape in the spiritual realm. Although, it may still look as if nothing is really happening to you in the physical. Anyway, don’t stop. Keep believing God. After you have prayed, believe that you have received God’s best for your life (Mark 11:24). Start thanking God for giving you His best life to enjoy. Don’t go back to carry your problems on your head again. Don’t continue to confess that pain in your body again, rather, keep declaring that you are already healed, that you’re right husband or wife has come, that your business is making huge profit and all your customers are increasing. Continue to declare positive words of faith that your miracle job has come, you’re going to lead the interview and be favoured. Just make sure you don’t see the burden again in your life but begin to imagine that Christ is exchanging your burden for your expectations and desires. Believe God’s best is coming your way. Enjoy His rest and peace that comes when you give your burdens to Him.
I’ll like to remind you of the Hebrew people during Joshua’s leadership in Joshua chapter six. The Bible records that the gates of Jericho were kept tightly shut, no one was allowed to go in or out for the fear of Israelis. But the Lord told Joshua that despite the tight security, “Jericho and its entire mighty warrior are already defeated. The entire army and seven priests of Israel walked around the city once a day for six days as they were instructed. On the seventh day, they were to walk around the city seven times with the priest blowing their trumpets. After one long blast the people must give a mighty shout, and the walls of the city will fall down. They followed this pattern and it happened as God told them – the city walls came down crashing and the people took the city.
The driven point of this event is that: the walls only came down physically on the seventh day. But the walls had fallen in the faith realm the first day they began the process. Now, if the Israeli army had given up in the fifth day, thinking what nonsense of walking round the city they were doing, they’d lost the battle and the promise of their triumph. This shows that when God does not make sense to us, we must follow Him anyway. Please take this to heart, my appeal to you is: don’t ever give up on God. He will never fail you. All the walls representing Jericho in your life will soon crash in Jesus name.
Finally, prayer is the first step to your triumphant living today. It was the first step Temmy and Eliot took before they began to enjoy God’s best for their lives. But they didn’t stop at prayer alone; they took the second step – released their hope and confidence in God.
You know the burdens and your expectations. Why can’t you bow your heart and present both your burdens and expectations now to God in prayer. This is your first step to experience triumphant living today in Jesus name.