“But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made the Lord his hope and confidence” Jeremiah 17:7TLB.
We have considered the first step towards enjoying God’s best for your life. And that is engaging the power of prayer. But you must not stop at that. Because this is where many people missed it. They engage the power of prayer in their difficult situations but they won’t do anything thereafter. They will still retain their fears, doubts, worries, complaints and continuous depression. Yet, nothing will seem to change despite their faithful and sincere prayers. And it will be as if God has stopped answering prayers. That is exactly the reason for this second step. After you have engaged the power of prayers, your hope and confidence must be released in God.
          There is no way you can experience the power of prayer until your hope and confidence is hung on God. Not only that, it also guarantees your successful, winning, conquering, victorious and triumphant experience. Your decision to trust in the Lord and to make Him your hope and confidence is very important. It enables you to receive spiritual empowerment capable of turning your situation around. It is something to pray, but it is another thing to trust God.
 Many people pray, but only few actually believe God to answer their prayers. They don’t release their hope and confidence in God. So they will keep experiencing defeats. It is only when we make God our hope and confidence that we are fully ready for triumphant living. This is when we can gain mastery over our present circumstance. That is when we can truly allow God to carry our burdens. Even this is the time our countenance changes, our outlook become radiant and aglow with optimism and enthusiasm.
          There will be inner conviction within us that God is working on our behalf. We will begin to see God’s best coming our way irrespective of the present situation, and begin to enjoy an inner relief because God is now the anchor of our hope and confidence. With the assurance he gives through His word, it is certain He won’t disappoint us. God will not fail you. What you need is to make Him your hope and confidence.
God has never failed His people who made Him their hope and confidence. Those who trust God become immovable by the circumstance of life. The same way He will not fail you when you rely on Him. You don’t have to lose hope and confidence of God’s best for you. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed before. Though, your present situation may be worst that you are hopeless of better tomorrow. Somebody may have told you that you cannot succeed in whatever you do.
 I don’t know what you are passing through now. But I know you may not really be satisfied with your present situation. The fact that you are reading this book shows your desire to enjoy God’s best for your life. I’m confident to tell you that: God will not fail you. This must be settled in your mind. Knowing that God will not fail you despite any challenge you may be having now should make you completely trust Him.
When Moses the Israelis first leader was rounding off his assignment, he encouraged the people that God will lead them to the Promised Land. Look at what he told them in Deuteronomy 31:6TLB, “Be strong! Be courageous! Do not be afraid of them! For the Lord your God will be with you. He will neither fail you nor forsake you.”The same assurance is for you towards enjoying God’s best for your life. You must be strong, courageous and fearless in your hope and confidence that God will not fail you. Many times, it is ignorance of this truth that hinders us from experiencing our victory in life. Until we can hopefully and confidently declare in the face of adverse situations – that God will not fail us; we may never take a step to enjoy God’s best for us.
I have also realized that the emerging leaders stepping up to higher position of leadership needs this self assurance. Any leader that will succeed must be confident in this revelation that God will not fail him. Leadership requires inner strength and courage rooted in absolute confidence in God. Because of many challenges a leader will confront, he must have this assurance that God will not fail nor forsake him. 
          One powerful way you can know God will not fail you is because He will not fail His word. The integrity of God lies in His word. He doesn’t joke with His word. He always means whatever He says, and will be committed to bring His word to reality. So God will not fail you because He won’t fail His word. He’s the ultimate promise keeper. Once you can lay hold on His word concerning your life and situation, then you release your confidence and hope to His care – He will not fail you.
          Whenever you align yourself with God’s word, believing, confessing and acting on it; you will experience the result it produces. The scripture says, “Blessed be the lord who has fulfilled His promises and given rest to His people Israel; not one word has failed of all the wonderful promises proclaimed by His servant Moses”1Kings 8:56TLB. You will see in this scripture that “not one word of God has failed of all the wonderful promises proclaimed by His servant.”God will not fail His word. Therefore, I encourage you to make Him your hope and confidence. Take a step by going into His word to receive His promises concerning your destiny, marriage, career, ministry, health and your expectations as regards other things. Put your confidence and hope in God’s unfailing power. I’m sure you will begin to enjoy God’s best for your life.
          The source of your confidence and hope determines its outcome. Never put your confidence and hope in anyone or anything except God. Make God alone your source of confidence and hope – this is when the best you desire from Him can be guaranteed. The guarantee is based on His unchanging and unfailing power. God will never change no matter what. You may be disappointed by people at the most needful hour. Your job or business may fail you. Probably, the difficulties you are facing now are so serious that the hope of experiencing change seems to be lean, yet I know God will not fail you. I want to say again to you: God will never, never fail you. Every other thing except God is liable to fail you at unexpected moment. But when your source of confidence and hope is God – he will not fail you.
His love is everlasting and His promises will surely stand. Believe Him for your triumphant living over your present situation. God’s unfailing power is always available to those who trust Him. He has not failed anyone before and He will never fail you. The desire of God is your triumphant living as His son and daughter. He wants you to live an overcoming life. God does not want you to enjoy anything less than His best for your life. He wants you to enjoy His favour every moment and in everywhere. God’s desire for you is to move you from level of glory to glory through His unchanging power. He wants you to live in freedom and liberty from sickness, barrenness, poverty and all the frustrations of life. So you only need to make Him your confidant and hope. As you look forward to enjoy God’s best for your life, your triumphant living has already began. The power of God will begin to manifest in your life.
You will be surprised how things will be turning around for you. The peace, joy, love, strength of God will be restored to you. Because you have made God your source of confidence and hope, something great will happen to you. The great thing is that: what made you cry before becomes what made you laugh – because God is now your hope and confidant. You will be very confident that nothing can deny you of enjoying His best for your life. You will be able to declare and pray confidently that, “In all these things, I’m more than conqueror.” This is the attitude I want you to put on as you are reading this book – attitude of more than conqueror. It is the attitude that sees victory in the midst of defeat.
You need the attitude of more than conquerors to enjoy God’s best for you. Your attitude must change now that you have put your confidence and hope in God. You can’t put your confidence in a king and you are still panicking like a slave. When your hope is established in a king for support needed, your attitude must be different from others who don’t have your kind of hope. The king is the one with authority and whatever He says is the final. Now, let us imagine you having the King of kings as your confidant. It does not matter what your life look like now, you are sure of victory. Therefore, your own attitude must be different from someone who has no hope in the King of kings.
Although, it may look as if nothing is changing around you. The truth is: nothing will change around you until something has changed inside you. Do not say, “I will change my attitude when things change for me.” That nullifies your confidence and hope you have settled in God. You must first change your attitude and things will change for you. Start rejoicing now; continue to declare that you are healed by God’s word even if the sickness still persists.
 Begin to behave as if your expectations from God are already present. Let those who use to pity you before begin to see a positive change in your attitude. There is power in this attitude that will set in motion what your attitude projects.
As I finish this second step towards enjoying God’s best for your life. I want to encourage you not to cast away your confidence in God, even if what you expect does not come immediately. The qualifiers of the best you will enjoy from God are your undying faith, assurance, trust and believe. You must be confident that what you hope for is waiting for you, though you cannot see it ahead. Do not try to enforce the change by yourself. God may still be teaching you how to be patient. He understands what you need. Yet, He knows patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust God more each time we use it until finally – our hope, confidence, faith and assurance are strong and steady. This will help us to hold our heads high no matter what happen to us. Since we already know how dearly God loves us. (Romans 5:4-5TLB Paraphrased).
It is my prayer that God will help you to wait patiently in confidence and hope to enjoy His best waiting for you. I pray you will begin to enjoy victorious living from today. You will never remain on the floor of failure again. God will bring all your expectations to pass, he will strengthen, perfect, establish and settle you in Jesus name.
Making God your confidant and hope is the second step to your triumphant living today. When Temmy and Eliot took this step, they began to experience God in a new way. Because they knew God will not fail them, he will not fail His word. Therefore, they put their confidence and hope in His unfailing power.  They also put on the attitude of more than conquerors. And they decided to wait patiently for the best God had in store for them. Then, they took the third step I’m going to share with you again – the anchor of God’s word.
I will like you to please bow your head now and pray. Tell the Lord to grant you His sustaining grace to wait patiently in confidence and hope for the best He has prepared for you and you will praise Him.