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Develop the spirit of a Learner – June 4 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

Leading with Charcater, Competence and Courage

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Ken Doherty once mentioned the five essential S’s of sports training that can inspire an athlete into success. They are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit. But he said the greatest of these is spirit.

When you consider the first four training essentials that Ken mentioned, you will discover that they are going to be useless without the fifth requirement called the spirit.

In everything we do, our spirits are important. In sportsmanship, there must be a spirit willing to be trained in order to develop the stamina, speed, strength and the skill needed to succeed.

When you lack the spirit to train, you will never grow the will to win.

Learning requires having the spirit of a learner. This is one of the best ways you learn in order to change, grow, and be transformed.

How to Recognize a Learning spirit

The spirit that wants to learn will always take this posture I will share in few points.

Proactive Attitude towards Learning

When you have a learning spirit, you will be deliberate about its pursuit. You will not be forced to learn before you choose to.

Many of us usually wait for hard knocks of life to force us to learn life lessons in a costly manner. But these we could have learnt without going through such hurdles.

I experienced this in my own life and you might, too.

But the question is, what are we doing proactively now to ensure we don’t wait to learn from our costly mistakes again?

This is the answer!

Start Learning to Unlearn and Relearn

The challenge most of us have is not our inability to learn, but the right spirit to unlearn and relearn.

To experience any true change in your life, you must not just be willing to learn but to unlearn those ideologies, philosophies and beliefs that are holding your life bound, setting you below your potential and making you perform below your best in Jesus.

Then, go ahead and relearn the right things that will redefine your life for Christ ( See Colossians 2:8, Matthew 11:29).

So, to develop a learning spirit, you must either be proactive towards right learning or start learning to unlearn and relearn.

Ask for Grace to be proactive about the things God wants you to learn presently, relearn or unlearn.

“The challenge most of us have is not our inability to learn, but the right spirit to unlearn and relearn.”

2 Timothy 3:16

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