Developing Strong Leadership Capacity Through The Power of Knowledge

What is Knowing or Knowledge? Ability to understand fact, information and understand.

Necessity of knowledge

1. Lack of knowledge limits.

2. Knowledge affects your personality and inferiority. Insecurity is caused by lack of knowledge.

3. Whoever has knowledge will be in control. Knowledge puts you in charge.

4. Knowledge is like a compass. It determines how far you can go.

5. Knowledge has the power to set you free – from deception.

Consequence of the Lack of Knowledge

What you don’t know can be dangerous to you…

1. Many died without Christ because they lacked the knowledge of salvation.

2. Many die prematurely because of ignorance to deal with sickness that afflicts them.

3. Many Christians struggle with poverty because they lack knowledge of law of prosperity.

4. Many are destroyed in marriage because they lack understanding of God’s purpose for marriage.

5. Many are destroyed by false prophets because of lack of knowledge. Ignorance is expensive. Knowledge is critical.

Knowledge that produces Result

1. You need knowledge of who God is, what He can do and His ways. When you know God’s ways you perform mighty exploits. The more you know God the more you can have power with Him.

2. You need to know what the Bible says about you. Our problem sometimes is what we don’t know about ourselves.

3. You need to know your purpose in life.

Everything that God created has a purpose.

It is only purpose that will define you.

It is only purpose that will define why you are alive.

Your purpose is your assignment.

It is what you are ordained to do by God.

It is also what you are wired for.

God has not made nobodies.

You need to reach out to God and discover who you are.

4. You need to increase your capacity.

You need to be constantly updating.

Be willing to grow into the next level if you are willing to go to the next level.

You need to stretch yourself.

Education is a continuous exercise.

God wants you to increase in your knowledge.

It is a call for you to acquire knowledge.

What you don’t know is dangerous to you.

When you know you are set free.

Until you know you are not free.

You need knowledge that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

You need knowledge that you are created in the image of God. You need knowledge of who God is.

The greatest thing we need is Truth.

You need knowledge to open doors for you.

Knowledge will make you a winner in the journey of life.

And this knowledge is not what, knowledge is who.

Jesus is the knowledge. Study Him. Update yourself in Him. Seek Him and you will do great exploits through Him.