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Face Your Mountain in Prayer – Feb 28 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

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Be a mountain remover.

Prayer is operating in God’s energy through faith to dispossess your enemies of their inheritance. Spiritual warfare is not for quitters. It is for those who will stand in faith to resist the devil steadfastly until he flees.

It is time to face your mountain

I don’t know your mountain but it’s time to face it. This is no time to fuss and complain. This is the time to declare war on the devil harassing your peace and your joy. Enemies don’t give up without a fight. You have to rise up in the strength of the Lord to demand for the victory already given to you in Christ over Satan. Don’t be weary!

Keep Standing after Prayer

Keep standing in faith. That’s what to do after much praying. Stand in confidence that God will respond to your need. Stand in thanksgiving. Stop complaining. You destroy the strength your prayer carries every time you complain.

Satan will attempt to stop you from getting results in prayer by simply getting you frustrated.

Watch Your Attitude after Prayer

Your words and your attitude matters not only when you’re praying, but after you have prayed. I have seen many people pray for so long and afterwards allow the flesh to lure them into destroying all the labour they have put into prayer.

Learn to deal with that spirit of Frustration. You can never move your mountain while you’re frustrated and depressed. 

Important factors in facing your mountain

Moving your mountain requires that you see Satan as your defeated enemy, who has been defeated at calvary and also see yourself in your real status in God (Romans 16:20, Ephesians 2:6). These are important factors in facing your mountain in prayer.

Pray for power and wisdom to face every mountain in your life until it crumbles

“Your words matter. Pray without ceasing could also mean speak all the time in the spirit of prayer”

“And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down…Then the fire of the Lord fell…” (1 Kings 18:30,38).

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