Four Questions Everyone Want Answers To

"Life Questions Are Only Found in God's Answers"
“Life Questions Are  Solved Only in God’s Answers”

There are four questions among others that some of us who desire to live above average in life want answers to. Life is defined by answers we provide for it. None of us will ever go beyond answers that we have about life.

In other words, we can’t be better than our understanding about life. The more answers we have in accordance with the revealed purpose and plan of God concerning life, the better we will live to our potentials.

Let me share with you the four questions many of us wants answers to:

1. How High Can I Get in Life?

It is an inborn trait in each of us to rise to a greater height in life. We are all wired to desire greatness – and not just greatness, we desire exceeding greatness. But as this isn’t wrong in itself, it’s important for us to have an answer to how high we can get in life. And the answer is; as high as God wants us to get with our willingness and personal decision to remain HUMBLE.

How high anyone can get in life will place a demand on how low you can bear to remain under God.

If you choose lowliness, meekness and a life of humility, God is committed to take you higher as you are willing to go with Him.

2. How Fast Can I Reach The Height?

This is where PATIENCE becomes necessary. It is good to desire greater height but it is better to allow patience to have its way. One of the major reasons many people don’t fulfill destiny is because they want to reach the top as fast as possible. But know this: True greatness is a journey of endurance. Success is not about the most fastest, it is about the most patient.

To reach the Greatest Height that you desire, don’t focus on how fast it can be but how much of patience you are willing to sacrifice

And this is my discovery: Those who lack patience on the journey to the top soon becomes patient of the pain of impatience.

3. How Far Can I Go in My Journey?

An unending life of DISCIPLINE is the answer to this. Discipline is the secret of longevity in the journey of life. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, the level you are operating and how far you have even gone, it is your practice of sustained self-discipline that will sustain you.

Do you want to know how far you will travel in the journey to your fulfillment of destiny? Maintain a life of discipline

The peril of the undisciplined people is to their shame. They don’t travel far in life before they crash – and nothing is vital like the crash of an undisciplined life.

4. How Well Will I Finish My Journey?

The secret to finishing well in the journey of life is FOCUS. There are lots of distractions on the path to destiny fulfillment but those who are able to fix their gaze on the Master – Jesus must surely finish well. Looking unto Jesus…The Author and Finisher of our faith has been the secret of ages past for those who finished well in the journey of life.

Fix your gaze, maintain your focus and keep looking unto Jesus

Doing that gives you assurance that you will finish well because – Jesus:The Finisher of our faith finished well.

Please take note of these questions and the answers you need;

  • How High Can I Get in Life: The secret is Humility
  • How Fast Can I Reach The Height: The secret is Patience
  • How Far Can I Go in My Journey: The secret is Discipline
  • How Well Will I Finish My Journey: The secret is Focus