Getting Extraordinary Things Done – April 15 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

No child becomes an adult in a day. It takes process. And the process involves mastering every growth stage before moving to another.

The same principle plays out in doing extraordinary things with our lives, leading in an extraordinary way,  making things happen with extraordinary ability and accessing resources to get extraordinary things done. 

We can never skip a process with God

It’s this truth that made so many great leaders to access great provisions in God, needed to carry out His assignment and plan for their lives.

One of the common weaknesses among the young generation or emerging leaders today is the urge to skip a process that ought to qualify them for a provisions required for secured journey in life.

If there is a most needed virtue every emerging leader must possess, it’s the endurance and patience to pass through the processes of love test for God instead of  pursuit of fame, titles, independence and success.

The provision we need to carry our God-given Vision goes beyond money. We need character development, and this is what money cannot buy. 

One of the rules of Life and Leadership the Holy Spirit taught me sometimes ago is that, “Character will attract money, but the pursuit of money will destroy my character.”

Possession mentality is the most deadly and destroying enemy that everyone with a sense of destiny and vision must deliberately overcome.

Jesus frowned against possession mentality when that man asked Him to be involved in distribution of inheritance. He said, “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things which he possesses” (Luke 12:15).

Dear beloved leader, abundance of things is not a definition of the quality of your life and leadership. Take heed and beware of covetousness.

Let’s learn from Abraham who endured the process of overcoming the mentality of possession and by this was granted access into supernatural provisions to get extraordinary things done in his generation. 

Ask that God should deal with tendencies and temptations of covetousness in you.

“Abundance of things is not a definition of the quality of your life and leadership.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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