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During our Life Empowerment and Development Service today, I discussed about  the necessity of having, discovering or giving attention to a burden of what God is calling us to transform in our generation.

Every great vision begins with a heavy burden in the heart of a visionary. Any vision that never begins with a burden is a mere fantasy and will not carry any fire that’s capable of driving a change agent or the revivalist.

But I wish to state clearly here that a burden plus vision is what culminate into a burning passion. 


Respond to God's Passion in Your Heart...

Burning Passion is Something Indescribable

One of the greatest revival the world ever experienced called the Welsh Revival started with a young man of twenty five years old who felt a burning passion to demand for the move of God in Wales.

For weeks, God visited Evan each night. It was recorded that when his family pressed him to tell them about the experiences he would only say it was something indescribable.

Burning Passion is an Intensified Desperation

Do you have intensified desperation to get up and seek for radical change in your personal life, family, community or your organization?

Is your heart burning desperately to see God move in your generation? 

Those that God will use for revival in our time are vessels who have intensified desperation that cannot hold back. They are simply ordinary people whose bones have been burning with an internal holy fire.

Burning Passion for God attracts God’s Power!

God’s power to carry out divine mandate does not come to those who are in wishes party. It comes to those who are desperately longing for God’s intervention in the affairs of their generation.

No matter how greatly we desire it, we can only see revival coming again when we begin to seek God to give us Burden+Vision=Passion for souls and awakening of the Lord’s people.

Join us as we are raise the banner of Prophetic transformation of Political Leadership in Nigeria through Prayer!

“Great move of God require great obedience to the ways of the Spirit.”


“And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down…Then the fire of the Lord fell…” (1 Kings 18:30,38).

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