Give Effect to Your Vision – April 1 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

Vision must be effective if it’s a genuine God-given Vision.

Every vision given by the Lord is meant to have supernatural effects on mankind. When we claim to have vision that is not generating God’s expected effect, it is called vain vision. 

Few days back, as I was preparing for our just concluded monthly Leadership Development Training, the Lord began to deal with my heart about the necessity of having effective vision in a time as this. 

He said to me that this is no longer time for any vain vision. There has been many books written, lots of talks, seminars and conferences about the power of vision. But the truth is, we have so many visions but little effects.

So, the challenge in our time is not lack of visionaries, it is the shortage of people whose vision carries the required supernatural signature and effects that must make the desire of heaven to bear on the earth. 

In the prophetic encounter of Prophet Ezekiel with God, the Lord spoke through him that, “The days are at hand, and the EFFECT OF EVERY VISION. For there shall be no more any VAIN VISION not flattering divination within the house of Israel.” (12:23-24).

We are in the days that God has spoken about. The days that God is giving effect to every genuine, useful, Kingdom driven and true vision. 

This is no longer time for any vain, useless, selfish, false, deceptive vision in the Kingdom.

We are in a period that God wants those who carries genuine vision from Him to arise in His strength and not be slack. 

True visionaries must add motion to their vision

One of the major reasons people with vain visions in the ministry, governance, education and marketplaces are increasingly occupying everywhere is because those who carry the real are static and lazy. But God is saying, “There shall be no more any vain vision.” 

In other words, God wants to give effects to every true vision that will be aggressively, unrelentingly and passionately pursued.

Happy New Month!

Ask for the spirit of diligence in running with the vision presently committed to your hands by the Lord.

“True visionaries must add motion to their vision.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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