Growth is essential to every living organism. Nothing encourages as effective and healthy growth. And nothing discourages when it doesn’t take place. Because certain privileges and entitlements are attached to every level of growth, therefore growth is essential to enjoy them. This is why every responsible parent anticipates and desires upward growth of their children. They will nurture the child from babyhood with everything it will take the child to grow up, because in the growth of every child lies the joy and success of the parents and the usefulness of such child – to himself and others. In other words, when a child does not grow despite the parents’ nurture and care, it becomes a thing of sorrow to them.
                The same way, God desires the growth of His children. And this is why He bountifully gives us His grace, care and resources needed for us to grow into maturity. He wants us to leave the preschool level and grow to ripeness, that we may experience and enjoy full benefits of His works in our lives. And also to stand tall and strong over the challenges of life in order to fully become what He originally made us to be. It’s no doubt that we can’t be fruitful and fulfill destiny in life except we grow up spiritually. The reason many are not enjoying God’s best for their lives is because they have refused to grow up. They are not improving and developing from who they are to who God wants them to be. Nothing is increasing around them because nothing seems to be increasing within them. They are like a five-year old boy asking his father for the permission to drive car. No matter how hard he tries, he will never be given such permission until he grows to the level appointed for a child to start driving. That’s the same way God will never release some things into our lives and entrust us with many things we desire until we grow to the level required. So a necessity is placed on us to grow in our walk with God to enjoy more of Him.
 Now, the first thing we must understand if we want to grow is that growth is a process – it takes time. Second, you must acknowledge your status – the level you are presently, third, you must set goals for yourself based on what you want out of the process and the area where you desire growth. Then, you must be determined and disciplined to keep to the process. I believe this commitment to personal change must be established as the fundamental work before any meaningful growth can take place in our life.
“He only is advancing in life whose heart is getting softer, whose blood warmer, whose brain quicker, and whose spirit is entering into living peace.  And the men who have this life in them are the true Lords and kings of the earth.” -Ruskin