How Hungry Are You?


I used to have a serious challenge about eating to my wife’s satisfaction. Many times what she feels should be enough for me to eat will always look over-enough before me. So when she dishes out the food I normally take to the office, she monitors with phone calls two major things. First, whether I have eaten, and  second, if I finish the food.

Last week, after spending some time in the office, my phone rang as usual. I knew it was monitoring time, but this time I told her that I finished the whole food. Of course, she was happy.

But when I got home, I told her why I almost ate even the warmer after I finished the food. Neither because the food was more delicious, even though Treasure is a good kitchen mistress nor because I was served my favourite meal. But because I was hungry. That day, I learnt a lesson that led to this post am sharing with you. The Level of Your Hunger Determines the Level of your eating.

Raise Your Hunger Level

There are certain things that are beneficial to our lives – they are useful, helpful and profitable to us. But we are not maximizing their fullness because our hunger level is low.

Many believers are not doing well spiritually because they don’t eat much of the word of God. They pray so little. They find it boring to be in God’s presence. They are just satisfied with the little they are getting out of their relationship with God because they are not hungry enough.

To get more of any good thing you desire in life, you must hunger for more. You must raise your hunger level to increase good intake of anything that will improve your life.

Release what You Have Inside Already

If you are not hungry for more of what can change your life, check if your stomach is still full. Many of us are not hungry for more of God in our lives because we are still full of the last encounter we had with Him.

If you are not hungry of studying God’s word, it may be as a result of doing nothing with God’s instructions you have received before. You can’t be hungry until you have released what you have inside. Even if you force yourself to eat, you can’t eat much. It is difficult to eat well if you are not hungry.

How do you need to release what you have inside so that you can have more space to take in more of what will change your life. You need to release the knowledge you already have to help others if you want to be hungry for more knowledge. You need to obey what God is saying to you now if you are going to be hungry to get more revelations from God.

God is Waiting for Your Hunger

If your life is going to improve, you must get hungry. God does not have any problem releasing the grace, power, anointing and those gifts you need for your destiny to open up. You only need to get hungry. It is through your hunger for God that God can fill you with Himself.Those who are hungry are those who are blessed.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled

– Matthew 5:6NIV

I want you to pray as you are reading this article. Pray that God should help you raise your hunger level. And ask God for the grace to release what you already have inside so that you may become hungry to get filled the more.

How Hungry are You? …Remember you need to…

  • Raise Your Hunger level
  • Release what You Already Have Inside
  • God is waiting for Your Hunger