“The best writing does not come from an author writing about their soul. It comes from the Soul writing about its author.”
– The iAuthor Team

One sunny afternoon, while in the office but during one of my pondering moments – the time I normally use to reflect and to gain insight into some difficult issues. I sat on the chair, putting my head on the table and began to ponder on how and when I really discovered the gift of writing.

As I do this, several events came to my mind, but none was able to substantiate how I became a writer.

After some pondering, my mind flashed back to certain precedence which I believe will be suitable for my explanation now – in describing how I became a writer.

Even beyond that, I know if I’m able to successfully share my discoveries with you it may awaken, arouse, stir up, and unveil gifts which probably are presently dormant and have hibernated inside you.

I started writing as a little boy of six years old. Then, my goal and desire for writing was to communicate with my mother who lived separately from my father in another city. My father retired from civil service in 1986, and decided to return to our home town to settle there.

But with mutual agreement between them, Mum decided to relocate to Ibadan and continued her teaching profession. They also agreed that my elder sister and I would stay with Dad while others stay with Mum. Few months after we got back with Dad to our home town, I was enrolled in a primary school. Then whenever I returned from school, Dad sits to take me on reading and writing.

Eventually, he started teaching me how to write a letter – both formal and informal. Although, it seems difficult when I first began to learn how to write letters – but Dad made it simple for me as he would patiently and enthusiastically explain the rudiments.

That was how I developed personal interest in writing by experimenting with the letters I sent to my mum. Moreover, when I needed to demand for something from my mum, I knew the only means to achieve this would be to work on the originality and creativeness of my writing. And this made me explore every possible means to acquire skills that must always accomplish my goal of writing – the goal of using my writing to accomplish its purpose.

I followed the same principle in my writing all through the years of growing up until I decided to publish my first book about a decade ago after I got inspired reading a particular book. Then I made up my mind to write my own book. I laboured so much on that book but I never got it published.

Why? I did not know what I need to do to publish the book. It was six years later that I succeeded in publishing my first book. In fact, the book I later published was not the first one I wrote (I’ll discuss this later in details).

So everyone can be a writer once certain requirements are met. It’s always a general question that does everyone has a book in them? The answer is yes. Everyone has a book in them, but the challenge is everyone cannot write a successful book without some necessary skills, training, expertise and professional assistance.

The only requirement is just the ability to read and write, then put ideas and thoughts together in a readable form. You don’t need inherent talents and skills in the first place to be a writer; they can be learned and developed. But you can’t do without them if you are going to write a successful book.

Please make your contribution on how you discovered the ability to write in you. Thanks.