How Readers Become Leaders

“Every Growing Leader is a Reader.”
“Every Growing Leader is a Reader”

The problem most people have that contributes to their average or poor performance in their chosen field is lack of proper reading habits.

Reading habits play a major role in developing leaders. It helps leaders to develop the qualities of thinking, evaluating, reasoning, imagining, knowing, judging, problem solving and depth.

Both reading and leadership effectiveness are interrelated. You can be a reader and not be a leader. But you cannot be an effective leader without a life patterned after reading.

Reading makes way for a better understanding of your craft and it can be an exciting means to stand out in your area of gifting. My friend, Gboyega Adedeji wrote an article recently on how to maximize your gifts which he called, “The greatest assignment of man on earth.” You can read the article here.

“Effective Reading is Important Avenue of Effective Learning and Effective Learning Develops Effective Leaders.”

Reading is essential for potential leaders and growing leaders to develop their leadership skills. It is the reading habits that help leaders to be learners and it is the learning factor that makes readers become leaders. And the cycle continues like that, the more you read in your field, the better chance you stand to lead.

Good reading habits stand as a strong weapon for developing leadership ability that makes ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things. Reading shapes the personality of potential leaders and it helps them to develop qualities beyond average. Through reading, we gain knowledge useful for personal growth and development.

Do you have a desire to become an effective leader? Then, you need to give attention to reading. You must engage in it as a deliberate action for your personal development. It is the more you read that determines the more you are open to wider knowledge. Reading habits, therefore, play a very crucial role in equipping you to become a leader in the area of your strength. You can become a leader if you open your mind to the benefits of reading.

I am a part of everything that I have read. – Theodore Roosevelt