How to be a Blessing to Your World: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself


Robert William in his book, “10 Great men who changed their World” made a seven word statement about the life and ministry of Martin Luther. He said, “Luther was a blessing to his generation.” What a simple way to describe the life of a great reformer who had a tenacity of purpose, dogged determination in the face of stiff oppositions and was ready to die for the cause which he believed to be true. Because Luther lived to bless his world, generations after him have been blessed.

I think we need to be a blessing to our world, too. But there are five fundamental questions we need to answer about our lives. Plato says that the unexamined life is not worth living. We must answer these five questions truthfully if we are going to really be a blessing to our world.

1. What were You Born For?

The great sorrow of any life is not to know why he or she was born to this world. The great joy is to know why you were born. But the greatest joy of each of us is to know what we were born to do with our lives. It’s been said that the chief purpose of man on earth is glorify God and bring Him pleasure. God brought each of us to this world for a specific purpose through which the purpose of our birth will be justified.

You were born to be a blessing to your world. You were born to add value, salt and meaning to your world. Above all, you were born for God – to serve the purpose of God for your world. You were not born for yourself – for your pleasure and satisfaction. So, if this is true then you must live for the purpose of which you were born.

2. What are You Living For?

If you were born to fulfill God’s desire…you must be living to fulfill His desire, too. The reason many of us are not get meaning out of our lives, that it seems life is a burden and full of frustration is because we are not living for the purpose we  came to this world. Your life must be lived for God no matter who and where you are.

Your living is never by what you wish or desire. Your living must be according to purpose. You are not even living at all if you are only living for your own pleasure. You are living only when you live for God who brought you to this world. Your life can never make any meaning if for your joy, goodness, pleasure and satisfaction you are living. God determines what you live for because He decided your coming to this world. Are you living for God?

3. What are You Standing For?

When you know what you were born for and you are living for Him, you must stand for Him. You can’t stand for God except you are living for Him. The object of your living is what you are standing for. And it is what gives your life a positive meaning. What you stand for in life determines what you are known for.

Many have wasted their lives because they never stood for anything when they were alive. Many writers are afraid to let readers know what they are standing for. They always think their readers will be offended if they mention Jesus and talk about their Christian faith. What an hypocritical life. If you stand for nothing, you will be known for nothing. I like to let you know that nothing is what standing for except Jesus Christ and His cause.

Another thing that is more important than standing for something is the kind of cause you are standing for. We have people who stood for oppression, tyranny and terrorism in their times. They were known for evil purposes. But we know of others who stood for justice, righteousness, holiness, peace and godliness. They were known by their stand for God. And they became a blessing to their world. What are you standing for?

4. What are you willing to die for?

What you stand for, you must be willing to die for it. If what you are standing for is not worth dying for, then you are standing for vanity. The biggest question I ever asked myself that led me to the pursuit of knowing God’s purpose for my life is: Am I willing to die for these things I’m doing with my life? Nobody could answer the question for me. I knew I must give myself the answer. Something within me said if I die for this kind of belief and lifestyle, I have terribly wasted my life. Then, I knew immediately that whatever that is not worth dying for is never worth living for in the first place.

Whatever you are living for is what you are standing for, and that’s what you are going to die for. But you must ask yourself: “Am I willing to die for this?” Those who lived to bless their world decided what exactly they were willing to die for and they discovered that, only God and His cause is worth dying for.

5. What will You be Remembered For?

What you are willing to die for is what you will be remembered for long after you have passed on. Robert William said, “Luther will forever be remembered for what he had done.” That is true for everyone of us. All of us will be remembered for something. It may just our family members – our spouses, children, siblings and neighbours. We will be remembered for what we are willing whether we were really willing or not, it does not matter. Once we die, our lives will be measured by what we lived, stood and died for. But God will measure our lives by what we were born for in comparison with what we lived, stood and died for.

I hope you will think through what I have shared with you in this article. You need to sit down and ask yourself these five questions…

1. What was I born for?

2. What am I Living for?

3. What am I standing for?

4. What am I willing to die for?

5. What will I be remembered for?

For the wise have always known that no one can make much of his life until self-searching has become a regular habit, until he is able to admit and accept what he finds, and until he patiently and persistently tries to correct what is wrong. – Bill W.