How to Enter into a Fulfilling Work


If you are just reading this article without understanding the last two  series, I like you to check the first one that says, “Is Your Work Fulfilling or Frustrating?” and the second that deals with “Five Pointers that Shows Your Work is Fulfilling.”

Now, I like to share with you the steps you need to take to enter into a more fulfilling work. It’s when you are beginning to get fulfillment from your work that you can really have this personal inner voice that will constantly cheer you on, whispering to your ears that you are not just existing…but you are living.

Listen to Your Inner Dissatisfaction. There’s something God has put inside each of us called inner dissatisfaction. This inner tormentor is not there to destroy but to disturb you – especially when you are about settling for a life below the original life God wants you to have.

It is the voice that keeps telling you, “There’s more to your life than all these.” “You are not wired for this kind of work you are doing.” “How long will you continue to suffer in this mess you are calling life?”

You need to listen to that inner dissatisfaction. Sometimes you perceived you are in hell in what you are doing – no peace, no joy, and it’s as if your life is trapped like a bird in a local cage. But to your surprise, others around you – even your close friends are feeling like angels in heaven. You are hot, but they are undisturbed. They enjoy the ride of the work and to you, it is who will deliver me from the lion’s den.

Dear, don’t silence that inner dissatisfaction. And just like some people do, you must not ignore it. Don’t suppress it. Why? The more you suppress it, you may have rest for a while but it will come back. It is not meant to be suppressed. You just need to listen to that voice.

When God was about to take Gideon into a more fulfilling work, the inner dissatisfaction would not allow him to settle down for defeat. Even in the midst of fear of the oppression of the enemies, the young man still threshed wheat by the winepress, to hide it from the Midianites. It was there he had an encounter with God that would change his life forever (See Judges 6:11-14).

Normally, threshing floor is meant to fine wheat and winepress is meant for the fruits and juice. But Gideon came to a place the midianites would not find him to steal his wheat – His inner dissatisfaction pushed him to a place where he would not be disturbed. He came to a hiding place that David talked about, “You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall circle me with songs of deliverance” (Psalm 32:7).

He came by inner dissatisfaction to a place where his labour will not be useless – to a hiding place – where the enemies could not find him and that was the place he found God.

It was the place he found lasting solution to painful years of defeat and oppression. It was the place he discovered his potential.

Don’t silence your inner dissatisfaction. Don’t run away from it. But allow it to take you to where you will find God – the unusual place that the enemies cannot get you to waste your work anymore.

Your inner dissatisfaction is a step into a more fulfilling work for your life…Listen to it.

I’ll continue from here as the Lord permits in the next week article.