Mehr-Art-1-copyThere is a time in every life when choices that brings turning point are made. We cannot just wait for things to change for the better. We must choose to change our attitude, what we do and how we approach our problems. You can create your best life with your choice and that is my focus in this chapter. I like to share with you some of the choices you need to make in order for you to live your best life.

Choose to have Right Perspective of Your Problems

The way you see your problems determine your response. You can either respond to your problem or react to it. To respond is to choose a positive approach to solve your problem. When you react you are being negative about your problems. But what determines whichever choice you are going to make is your perspective of your problems.

The way you see your problem matters

It is what determines the definition you give to your problems. Many people may be passing through the same difficulties but they will have different meanings for what they are going through. What makes the difference is perspective. Someone said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” In the midst of problems some people may see the problem while others may choose to see beyond the problem.

What do you see?

Jesus saw the glory that was waiting for Him beyond the pain of the cross. What He saw enables Him to endure the pains He went through (See Hebrews 12:2). What you choose to see about your problems determines your attitude towards your problem, level of perseverance and quality of endurance that you display.

Choose to see your problems from God’s perspective

Seeing your problems from God’s perspective gives a better view of your problems. It helps you change your perception about your problems. It gives you confidence and hope that your problems are not bigger than your God. It helps you enjoy calmness, rest and peace in the midst of turmoil.

Change the Way you look at your problems

You can never change your life except you change how you look at your problems. The man called Arthur Rimbaud says, “I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am.” Your life is a reflection of your self-perception. Stephen Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says, “To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.” The secret to living your best life therefore is: when you change the way you look at your problems, the problems you look at change.

Choose love and joy as much as you can in each moment and watch your life transform
― Amy Leigh Mercree

I wish you a new month of Outstanding Success!