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How to Rise to Challenges Greater Than Your Capacity – July 12 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotional

Leading with Charcater, Competence and Courage

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Leadership and Spirituality

Sometimes, what looks like a great challenge is what God uses to transform our capacity.

Challenges that seems greater than our capacity may also be used by the Lord to call out the hidden capacity that could have remained dormant within us.

The life of Moses can always serve as an encouragement to someone going through an abandoned battle because you feel you are not up to the task.

Perhaps, you have fled like Moses to your own backside of the desert, now engaging in some ridiculous works because you have concluded that it is better to remain alive with an unfulfilled dreams than to die cheaply confronting the problem you already know is far greater than your capacity.

When Moses ran away from Egypt, it was not to go and reinforce himself in order to return for the rescue of God’s people.

It was a total abandonment of the task he had attempted in his limited capacity and which he failed. But sometimes, failure is only a revelation of your need of God.

Never allow failure to mark your end. Learn to look beyond your failures to the God who cannot fail.

Moses fled to the land of Midian because there was a challenge greater than his capacity.

It is also possible that you are where you are presently because there is a challenge greater than your capacity. Your Midian can be your room where you cry all the time and groan because of your helplessness. It could be the place where you work in the office far below your qualification.

But the Lord is speaking to you right now that, your dream has not died. Your destiny has not been shut down completely. You are only in a place where God is about to transform your capacity from ordinary to the supernatural.

You are in the place where the next phase of your life shall no longer be be based on your personal effort, but in a supernatural operations of the Holy Spirit.

You are right there in a place of your character refinement and you must not give up.

The mandate of God over your life will surely speak. You are going to fulfill your God-given destiny by the supernatural enablement of the Lord.

Kindly follow this series as God will be restoring your soul through the power of His word and in turn empower you to encourage those you have been called to lead.

Ask God to use this series for fresh  empowerment of your destiny.

“Never allow failure to mark your end. Learn to look beyond your failures to the God who cannot fail.”

Exodus 2:11-14

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