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How to Transform Your Learning Ability – June 5 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotional

Leading with Charcater, Competence and Courage

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Few months before his death, Coach John Wooden wrote a foreword to the book of Dr John Maxwell, “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.”

The UCLA legendary coach Wooden who died at age 99 said learning philosophy has been the bedrock of his life.

He said, “I never saw myself as a coach. I understood that I was an eternal student. I have tried everyday to learn something new, to gain a different perspective”

During one of the ministers conference, Pastor E.A. Adeboye said to us how he takes time to read the books of his spiritual son in order to learn things that could benefit him and the ministry.

This statement challenged me personally to see how the Lord will help me to transform my learning ability. I discovered one of the secrets of Great men God uses is the humility to keep the posture of an eternal student.

The key word here is Humility to never outgrow Learning!

And without mincing words, we are presently in a generation full of leaders and people who are proud to learn.

This is one of the key reasons so many leaders are falling into continuous errors in our time.

We have a problem of people who want to remain leaders without the humility to remain learners.

How do you recognize you lack humility to learn?

Very simple!

1. When you decide to always learn from what pleases you.

2. When you choose to surround yourself with only ‘Yes’ people.

3.  When you cannot attend certain meetings except you must be called upon to speak.

4.  When you are not comfortable to follow a leader in order to take the posture of a servant and enabler.

5.  When you always have answers to justify your wrongs and mistakes. It shows something is fundamentally wrong with your ability to learn.

6.  When you feel smarter in your sight beyond a leader over you and the enablers around you.

7. When there is no room for the Word of God to reproof, rebuke and correct you again. When you no longer feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit to smite your heart anymore.

These are few signs amongst others that points to lack of humility to learn.

Kindly note that many of us have one or more of these tendencies and we need to repent. The outright exoneration or disburdening yourself from these signs is also a full evidence that God is directly dealing with you.

I will share how we can remain humble learners in the next devotional.

Ask God for a humble heart to remain a learner.

“We have a problem of people who want to remain leaders without the humility to remain learners.”

2 Timothy 3:16

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