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Learning Discipline of Great Leaders – July 11 – Journey of Leadership Devotional

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Learning Discipline of Great Leaders

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Great leaders are not just learners. They have learning discipline.

It is this discipline that makes a difference between growing leaders and non-growing leaders.

The learning discipline of great leaders is watching. 

They have the attitude to glean lessons of wisdom by close observation and thoughtful curiosity from various platforms of profitable learning. 

Learning is profitable when it is done with consistent discipline of watching.

In Proverbs 24:30-33, one of the secrets of Solomon who had the incomparable wisdom of God in his generation was discovered. Through learning by watching, he was able to discover one of the major causes of poverty.

Let’s see the key steps in developing the discipline of learning by watching.

1. Discipline of Walking 

Growing leaders have a discipline of a taking a walk to learn from their environment. Solomon was able to discover that laziness is one of the reasons for poverty while taking a walk pass the field of a certain lazy fellow.

But it wasn’t just the walk that made Solomon to grow in wisdom. It was the discipline of walking by watching. Most times, we see walking as only a means to exercise or pray. But we can get more.

When we combine exercise walk or prayer walk with watching and observing the things we see around us; we can always receive the wisdom of God that will cause us to grow wiser in our personal lives and professions.

2. Discipline of Intentional Watching

Another way we grow by watching is to be intentionally curious to learn something deeper beyond the surface. There is always something to learn whenever we are deliberate in watching, either from things or people around us.

Solomon was an intentional observer. He doesn’t look at things on the surface. He looks at everything for deeper meanings. This is a discipline of growing leaders who learn by watching. It is a discipline we must also develop and keep practicing.

It’s a discipline that makes wise older people to become more insightful than emotional young people. It was lack of this intentional watching that ruined Rehoboam in whose time the kingdom of Israel was divided.

As a leader, do you engage in intentional watching in your organization? The discipline of intentional watching will create deeper insight on how you see your staff and things happening within the organization.

3. Discipline of Thoughtfulness

Great leaders practice the discipline of thoughtfulness. Deep thinking about issues can bring understanding that will be impossible without this discipline. You might have noticed the word ‘Selah’ coming more often in the Book of Psalms. The meaning of ‘Selah’ is pause and think.

Sometimes, we don’t get the best discoveries hidden in so many things and people around us because we don’t usually practice the discipline of ‘Selah’.

People expect so much from you as their leader. They believe the buck stops at your table whenever crucial decisions are to be made. If you are going to avoid making wrong judgement and decisions, there is a demand on you to be more thoughtful.

You need to consistently take time out to think over issues, especially when it has to do with major decision-making. The discipline of thoughtfulness is key in developing the art of learning by watching.

Personal Assessment Questions

1. What is the Learning Discipline of Great Leaders?……………………………………..

2. Learning is Profitable when it is done…………………………………………………..

3. What happens when we combine exercise walk or prayer walk with watching and observing the things we see around us? 

4. Mention 3 Steps in Developing the Discipline of Learning by Watching

Ask God for grace to develop the discipline of watching

“Learning is profitable when it is done with consistent discipline of watching.”

2 Timothy 4:5

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