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Learning To Lead Effectively – July 10 -Journey of Leadership Daily Devotional

Leading with Charcater, Competence and Courage

Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy

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It was an historic moment some few days back when the Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy began her full operation towards raising leaders with character, competence and courage.

During our first class, I shared with the leaders something very important about leadership development that is missing in most of our leadership development trainings, schools, colleges, churches and organizations. 

Here is the missing factor: Training People to Do Leadership instead of Leading People to Become Leaders

The essence of leadership development is life development. In other words, leadership development is life development. Every leadership development program that is not targeted towards life development will never achieve the intended purpose which has to do with bringing out the best in everyone.

As simple as this may sound, I have discovered that the major demand of God on everyone is the development of our lives into the fullness of the stature of Christ. The leader in everyone begins to emerge when we primarily shift our focus from training people to do into training people to become. 

Leadership Development is about Who You are Becoming

Leading effectively begins and ends with being a person of character. When you look around us today, you will discover the major and common problem is the lack of people whose life commands a character that impacts, influence and inspire others rightly.

One of my major discoveries about character is that, character serves as the foundation for our behavior, how we live our lives, the environment we create for our homes and places of work, and how we interact with others. 

Character is the Person You have Become Overtime

If you are someone passionate about leading your life and others effectively, the most important question you must learn to ask yourself always is, who am I becoming and what kind of person have I become overtime?

It’s quite unfortunate that many of us don’t usually give attention to this very important question that can bring great improvement into our lives. One of the sad discoveries about people is that, most people may never get a character transformation till they die.

Have you ever taken the time to audit your personal life and check if the pattern of your behavior has changed over the years?

People may rise in leadership office, moving from one ladder to another, and yet may never experience any positive change in their character.

The truth is, position does not change character, it only magnifies it.

This is the reason we must not be passive about the matter of our character. 

Leading effectively requires that you first take a stand to remain committed to development of strong character in you.

People of character seek to improve themselves before they improve their C.V. They know that being a person of character is not negotiable if they are to become effective as leaders.

But you must always remember that character development is a journey, not a destination. It is a journey of becoming like Jesus in the very core of your being.

Ask God for grace to remain committed to the development of your inner life.

“character development is a journey, not a destination. It is a journey of becoming like Jesus in the very core of your being.”

Matthew 4:19

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