Living Beyond the Natural Life

A natural life is the life that is lived in the flesh. A natural life is a normal or usual life.

Meanwhile, to fulfill the plans and purpose of God for our lives, we must get out of the natural and step up into the supernatural life.

The supernatural life is a life of the Spirit. Living in the Spirit is operating in the Spirit realm (the realm where God dwells and operates).

This is the realm God is calling us to. The realm of the supernatural.

The realm that is superior, above and beyond a natural life.

No natural man can carry divine presence of God. No natural person can understand the things of the Spirit because it foolishness to them.

To cause change in our world, to operate as a representative of God on earth and to fulfill our divine mandate; we must constantly live a spirit filled life (the supernatural life).

By this, we have direct access to God. We can hear Him clearly. We will understand His plans and we will possess the mind of Christ when we operate from the supernatural realm.

This year, God will take everyone of us to that realm in Jesus name.