Living the Life of the Redeemed (4): Taking Dominion in Crisis

When the kingdom is in you, you are carrying God and the dominion of God is in you.

The problem of the world began with the loss of the kingdom of God but when God begins to reign over our hearts, the world will return to Eden, as it was in the beginning.

In the garden, Adam and Eve were subject to God, they were in dominion, but the term and condition of their dominion was that as God is ruling over them, they will rule over what He has created.

In other words, nothing is permitted to rule over you when God is the ruler over you, not even money.

No sickness, no depression, no death is permitted to rule over you when God is the One ruling over your life.

But the moment we come out of the dominion of God, what supposed to be under us will begin to take dominion over us.

Therefore, the call of God to us in times like this is the call to the kingdom pursuit: “God take Your Rule over me.”

When God takes His rule over us, we are subject to His dictates. He tells us what to do and we do it.

No matter what is happening in the world today, if you are under the kingdom of God, you will still be living a life of heaven on the earth.

When you submit yourself to the will of God, you will know no ill (See Job 5:19 – 27).

When you permit God to rule over you, God makes you a ruler.

May the things you are meant to rule over stop ruling over you in the name of Jesus.

Check those who are serving other things outside God like money and career, they will never get satisfied with it and their lives don’t make meaning because those things are ruling over them.

Everything on this earth is meant to be serving you when you are serving God because God created everything for your good.

God did not make anything on this earth for Himself to enjoy. He created everything for us to enjoy.

But man’s life began to go in the wrong direction when he started serving things that were meant to serve him.

In seasons like this, when you are in the kingdom of God, you have no lack and no ill because you are not concerned with how to be catered for, your only concern is the kingdom of God and God will cater for you.

We have to realize that nothing matters and must be important to us than God.

May we recognize our constant need of God.

The day you begin to understand that you need God is when you life will begin to make meaning.

Let God be enough for you. This is the pathway to a life of dominion.

Now, I like to share how can you have Dominion in Crisis.

Dominion means being in charge of situations and things. It is to have the capacity to tread down, subjugate or crumble all that comes against you.

It means to be in charge and we must know that dominion is more appreciated in crisis.

It means to reign and rule over. Having the capacity to take away whatever wants to oppose you. Having the power to tread down snakes and scorpions.

Every redeemed in Christ Jesus is redeemed for dominion, to take the rightful place that Satan stole from us at creation.

Ecclesiastes 10: 5 – 7 said some princes were walking as servants while servants were riding on the horse.

If I may ask, are you walking and operating in your original identity?

Genesis 1: 26 – 28 gives us insight into who we were originally made to be.

The truth is, until you know your source, you will not appreciate your strength. And when you know your source, you will appreciate your size.

God want us to Exercise Our Dominion.

What Jesus came to do was to restore the original dominion mandate that God has given unto man.

Life is not about what comes your way but about how you rise above what comes your way.

You cannot exercise you dominion until you are faced with situations that challenge your dominion. When you don’t know who you are, what ought not rule over you will continue to rule over you.

The fulfilment of our destiny cannot be without the exercise of our dominion.

Therefore, it is required for everyone to return to their dominion source in Christ in order to prevail. Whosoever is in Christ will always prevail.

Dominion in Crisis is Prevailing Over Crisis

You can rule above crisis anywhere when you know God. Daniel 11:32 says the people who know their God will be strong and do exploits.

Dominion in crisis means that you are prevailing over the adversities of the world.

Though we are living in the world but we are not of the world ( See John 17:16). So we are meant to have dominion over all situations.

When you are in Christ, you will laugh at crisis.

They were stoning Stephen, yet he was praying for them. Every believer on earth is greater than any effect on earth because the Spirit of dominion is living in us.

The Keys to Exercising Dominion

Note that restoration of Dominion comes when you are born again. You must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the foundation. Then you must understand the three major keys I want to share below.

  1. Know Your Identity – Genesis 1:26

God said; let us make man in Our image. You are made in the image of God and should function as such.

You must always let the devil know that you have the audacity and that you know who you are in God. It was the matter of identity that Jesus revealed to the devil in Luke 4 when he told the devil that all things belong to God, His Father.

God does not want His children to run away from crisis but to confront it. When Isaac wanted to run from the famine, God told him to remain and Isaac prospered in the land. It is the nature of man to always want to run away from crisis, but God want us to confront it. We are meant to confront crisis and to overcome them.

Declare that in this crisis, I know my identity. I belong to Jesus and therefore I am prevailing over whatever comes may way.

2. Know Your Ability – Gen 1:26

The moment man was created, he was given dominion. God breathed into man and imparted His ability into man. The breath is the Spirit of God in operation in man.

Every believer must approach life with the sense of this ability. The Holy Spirit is God’s ability in our lives, He has never been subdued by challenges (Genesis 1:2).

When you allow the Spirit of God to move in you, you will always be above every situation. When the Spirit of God moves in you, your dominion is guaranteed.

3. Know the Influence Upon Your Life – Genesis 1:28

The influence upon every redeemed of God is the blessing of God. Every life is under one influence or the other and it is the influence over your life that determines the condition and quality of your life.

The influence can also be called authority. It is the influence that is at work in your life that determines the authority of your life.

The influence upon every life is in two categories.

  1. The influence of curse.

When you see people who continues to struggle, yet they fail, it is due to the cursed influence upon them.

2. The influence of blessing.

Your day can be determined by the influence that takes you out daily. Those who are ruling in the day, stand up in the night.

You must let God influence your day before you set to move out. If you are going to succeed, change the influence that is upon your life.

When God wants man to have dominion on the earth, He released His influence upon him. But when man sinned, man lost God’s influence and inherited curses.

The world is a cursed world and you must have a greater influence to survive in it.

You must know that God has not reversed the curse on the earth, He has only redeemed man from the curse as found in Gal 3:13 – 15 where He spoke about the blessings of Abraham that comes upon the Gentiles through Faith in Jesus Christ.

The blessing of Abraham means God’s influence upon Abraham.

After the fall of man, God started a new race with Abraham and God gave him a promise. With this, God placed His influence upon man through Abraham – The Promise of the Holy Spirit.

As the redeemed, you are no longer under a curse but you are now operating in blessing.

The promise of the Spirit through faith is what you have received through the Lord JESUS whether you are a Jew or not.

When surrender your life to Jesus, what is permitted to follow you is the blessing of God and God is not a respecter of your location but the influence upon your life.

The influence of the Holy Ghost is the influence of God!

To retain these keys, you must remain in Christ by faith!

Now, I want you to Pray!

If you are yet to receive Jesus into your life, you can simply talk to Him now by Faith. Tell Him to forgive your sins and come into your life as your Lord and Saviour.

Thank God for the blessings released to you through the Lord Jesus

Declare your yielding to the Lord Jesus

Declare the blessing of God upon your life: your life is blessed, no more struggle for you, no man or the devil can overcome you.

You are blessed. Wherever you go, you are blessed in the name of Jesus

Your life is not subject to the conditions of this world.

Speak the blessing of the Lord to your life, your home, your family, your children, your work and your destiny In the name of Jesus.