Ministry in Crisis and the Power of Focus

“Then touched He their eyes, saying according to your faith be it unto you” – Matthew 9:29

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” – George Lucas

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that shifts our focus. In other situations, our focus may not only be shifted but become blurry, fuzzy, unclear and uncertain.

This is the simplest way to describe ministry in crisis. I call it the season of fuzzy focus. The moments it looks as if we are traveling through an unknown terrain in ministry, but not just unknown, it is also indefinite.

We are in such times. And some of us cannot deny its reality. We simply need to understand how best we can pass through this uncertain road without becoming blinded to the destination clearly set ahead of us before crisis interrupted the normalcy of our journey.

Ministry in crisis is not something many of us have learnt about in the college or during our training for ministry. Yet, crisis is a major aspect of ministry. It may come in various dimensions, but ministry cannot be separated from crisis. That’s why we must not be deterred, dissuaded and allow to be prevented by whatever comes our way as we march forward to fulfil the ministry we have received by the mercies of God.

The reality of crisis can redefine the reality of our ministry, if we permit it. The way to disallow this from happening is through the power of focus.

Ministry in crisis requires that our focus should be more real than the reality of crisis that may likely surround us.

Is Your Ministry Driven by the Wind of Crisis?

Like I mentioned earlier that ministry and crisis goes hand in hand together. So if we are leaders driven by the wind of crisis, we will never be able to arrive at the right destination if we are even going to arrive at all. We cannot fulfil the vision God has given to us when we only choose to sail the ship of ministry after we are sure of no threat of storms. How then do we move forward towards our God-given assignment in spite of various threats of crisis?

Here is the answer below.

Your Focus must be More Compelling that the Fear of Crisis

It is our focus that creates our reality. This is more real in ministry than in any other aspects of life and leadership. Where we direct our focus is where we draw our energy. The strength needed to go through the seasons of fuzzy focus in the journey of ministry can only be generated from where our focus is directed.

Faith is an Empowered Focus

 Jesus did not hand over to us the ministry that is subservient to changing circumstance of life, or the kind of work that is crisis compliant. Rather, He knew and prepared our hearts about the terrain of our place of assignment ahead of the time.

He told us of the difficulties we are going to face and how we can successfully navigate this difficult, tough and trying field of our work. He assures us of His presence and did not leave us unequipped to succeed.

But none of these preparations can be real and helpful for our ministries until we ask Jesus to empower our focus. The result of an empowered focus is faith. Wherever faith is lacking, someone is focusing on something else and not God. When our focus is directed to Christ and He empowers our faith, we will move through seasons of fuzzy focus with clear conviction and assurance of victory.