Navigating in Turbulent Times:How to Turn Adversity to Your Advantage

“Hardships often Prepare Ordinary People for an Extraordinary Destiny.”                                               – C.S. Lewis

We have just commenced the second half of year 2016. No doubt there were great expectations you had while we were starting this year in January. I know some of them must have been accomplished or somehow things did not turn out the way you planned them.

One major reason for writing this article in a time as this is to let you know that most times, things don’t usually turn out as planned. Life is full of the unexpected. But the most important is to understand how you can navigate the adverse times of life which I called turbulent times to your own advantage. No matter how challenging the journey has been since January, we still have about 180 days to achieve your goals. It will be too early if you allow your challenges to make you give up on your goals. It’s not going to matter at last whether you faced some serious challenges. What matters at the end of the next 180 days is how you are able to turn your adversities to your advantage.

“Turning adversity to your advantage is making the best out of negative circumstance of life instead of allowing it to make the worst out of you.”

You have turned your turbulence to gain if having gone through all the battles, you are still standing. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:13 that what matters when you have done all the battles is to stand – to remain victorious in spite of all the bruises. I had a discussion yesterday with one of my sisters whose father has been seriously sick. We have been praying for him and she has spent quite a fortune on dialysis and also gives physical care everyday. But in spite of  the rigorous care, she has refused to submit herself to defeat. She is trusting God for the reality of Ephesians 6:13 in her life and that of her Dad.

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“Turbulence is not a nice word. It is easier pronounced than experienced.”

But the truth is: Life itself is turbulent. It is from one turbulent or the other that we can all become what we are capable of becoming in life. None of us no matter how calm, gentle, quiet or good will escape from going through life’s turbulence seasons. The only important thing is how we are able to navigate in such challenging seasons of life that will help us turn our adversities to an advantage.

You may be going through your own season of turbulence now but you must know what matters is your positioning when everything is over. Will you still be standing victorious or defeated with your head buried in shame and sorrow?  I hope you will be standing because God is able to make you stand (Romans 14:4), if you rely on His grace.

Matshona Dhliwayo wrote, “The harder you fall, the stronger you rise.” That’s the beauty and testimony of turning adversity to your advantage – To rise stronger beyond the adversity you have confronted. Nomzamo Nhlumayo wrote, “The happiest of endings begin with a struggle so embrace yours.” In other words, nothing will ever be great in the end without a rough beginning. You have to rise to the challenge.

God is going to help you. No matter how challenging life seems to appear, God has given us the power to stand as a winner at last. I will be sharing some of these keys with you in the next article. Till then…Stand Fast in the Faith…quit you like men, be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13).