Obtaining the Outcome of Your Faith

“Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death”

When you write an exam you obtain the outcome of how you have answered the examination questions.

Those who have answered correctly and those who answered wrongly must surely obtain outcomes but in different ways.

Meanwhile, the quality of the outcome is determined by the quality of response given in the examination.

Even though it is the same examination, but the results can’t be the same because of the varied responses to the examination.

The same thing applies to our spiritual life as believers.

We will always face moments of life examinations, times of trials, storms and uncertainties. Sometimes the examination could be personal or general, like the one we are presently facing now.

But the outcome results are going to be determined by one thing – the way we respond to our examinations.

The right response that will always guarantee a successful outcome whenever there is a common exam like the current pandemic the world is going through is GENUINE FAITH!

We are ALWAYS kept by the POWER OF GOD through FAITH.

In spite of the distress that can happen to us by various trials of life, the GENUINENESS of OUR FAITH is what produces a praiseworthy, honourable and glorious outcome in Christ.


It is by the TEST OF FIRE!

Faith that has not been TESTED by the Fire of affliction, suffering and trials cannot be found to be GENUINE when Jesus returns.

So, what is the present fire you are going through? In what way are you being tried and tested?

We all have moments of test, trials and examinations that we face, but if we respond with faith that cannot be shaken or moved, there is great salvation of our souls at last.

The outcome will always be something glorious and praiseworthy.

Whatever it will take, let your faith in Jesus stand strong. Hold unto the profession of your faith.

Don’t allow whatever Satan is doing around you to make you compromise your faith in Christ.

There is always something to obtain as the outcome of our faith in Jesus. And that’s the salvation of our souls.

Keep the Faith to Obtain it in a time as this.

–Word Guide: 1Peter 1:5-9 —