Now, let’s continue our discussion on practical process of creating a good book as we look at another three vital keys we can’t do without. They are direction, vision, and purpose.

This is very important. The source of your inspiration, ideas, revelations and imaginations will rest solely on where your thoughts are directed. And it will determine the kind of writing that flows from you. If you don’t like the kinds of inspiration you receive per time, the first thing to check is the direction of your thinking. Where and what is the direction of your mind?
Some examples of sources that influences our thoughts can be our environment, association, what you read, what you watch, what you ear, what you adorn and worship. There’s no way you can stop different thoughts from emerging in your mind in all these areas. So before you settle down to be a writer, check if your mind needs a re-direction toward the source where you want your inspiration to flow.

Writers see beyond the physical. They see the unseen through the eyes of their minds. They form a picture through their thoughts that later become a reality.
E.M Forster said, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” In other words, you are not seeing after you have said, but you have seen before you say it. That’s a task for every writer. We see what others don’t see, even if we are looking at it together.
So it’s important that your thought has the element of vision. You must always open your mind like an umbrella, that’s the way to make it function best.
Wherever you found yourself, you must be able to have a foresight that is based on insight. This will release to you thoughts that are inspiring, original, change provoking that will create a transformative book.

James Allen in his book, Mind is the master said, “Purpose is the key-stone in the temple of achievement.” When thought is concentrated on purpose, it produces a powerful effect. Purpose is the reason why something is. And when it is directed accordingly without drifting, it gives birth to its kind.
Your thought must be concentrated on your purpose for it to create a book that speaks clearly about your calling and assignment. You must not allow your mind to swerve into what does not represent your purpose as a writer. Be a person of fixed purpose, concentrate all your mental energy on it and don’t yield a fraction of your resolve and steadfastness. Then you will soon discover that the kinds of books you create are poured out of a purpose-driven mind.