10593919-scroll-and-pencil-on-white-isolated-background-3dI like to conclude today the process of creating a good book with the power of desire and fear. Here are my thoughts.

Man as a thought-being has desires. Intense desires to realize, attain, and accomplish a set goal releases thoughts that makes them possible. And desires are like magnets. They attract the object of concentration to a mind that has been drawn by it.
Through the object of desires focused by the mind, the world of thoughts, inspirations, insights, ideas and revelations are opened, and flow directly to the one who is desperate to have them.
Your desire reveals your thoughts. If that’s true, it means your writing cannot also contradict your desire. That’s why you need to clarify what your desires and aspirations are. When you are not pleased with the quality of your thinking, inspirations, ideas and insights for your writing, check your desires.

More often than not, people focus more on negative side of fear. But the truth is: fear has two sides – negative and positive. It is negative when it has a paralyzing, discouraging, and demoralizing effect on us – I mean when we are unable to bring out the best in us to do certain things or make progress because we are afraid of what might happen. But fear is good when it propels us to initiate preventive measures to avert advent negative consequence of doing nothing because of fear. In other words, fear is good when it helps you do the right thing and take the right action all the time.
The same way, initiating preventive measures to avert irreparable damage of certain issues or idiosyncrasies in the society can propel you to create a book that will achieve great results. And this happens when you are able to look critically into situations around you – then create a book that will become a tool for preventive measure.

I wish you the best in your writing endeavours…and Keep Growing in God’s Purpose for Your Life.