7 Things You Must Know About Purpose

Be Daring for God

It was Smith Wigglesworth who said, God wants people on the daring line.

But may I also add that God wants leaders on the daring line. The world is in dire need of daring leaders, raised, called, and equipped by God for a time such as this.

God is in demand of leaders who are bold, fearless, courageous, audacious, valiant and dauntless in the face of oppositions. (Matthew 27:11, 12-14).

What daring moves are you making to make a difference in your sphere of influence?

Jesus, the daring Leader once expressed the importance of fulfilling purpose in a challenging period. He said, As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

In other words, I can’t be here and the world will be in darkness and confusion.

Also, we need to be like Christ. We should not be here and the world will be groping in darkness. We must take our place.

Be Different

Following the trends in the world political and religious happenings lately, one cannot but ask, where are the purpose driven Christians?

Who are the leaders standing for the truth? Where are the leaders with holy boldness that are willing to stand and declare the counsel of God?

Where is the John the Baptists of our time who would not mind to call sin by its original name?

Where are the leaders who will respond to the critical mandate of God to bring the lost nations and race back to the feet of the cross?

Be Purposeful

Purpose is powerful. Daring leaders are purposeful. There is nothing special we can do with our life until we have clear understanding of why God has decided to put us where we are today.

I always like to tell my co-workers in ministry that when you take God’s purpose out of what we do, whatever we have left is meaningless. Purpose is what adds meaning to life and all we do with it.

Purpose is the fuel of passion.

Understanding of purpose can fire you up and make you do extraordinary things for The Lord. But when you are ignorant of your purpose, you can’t have a drive towards fulfilling it.

A person without divine sense of leadership purpose cannot achieve much for God and his people.

You cannot make your mark on earth until you have defined your path. To live in an uncommon way requires that you know why you are being prepared for a time like this.

Be Mentored

We need to thank God for a mentor like Mordecai who helped Esther to define and discover her leadership purpose. Prior to this time, the new Queen Esther wanted to avoid and escape the call to fulfil her purpose in a challenging time.

Of course, Esther does not want to risk death. But little did Esther know that purpose is a death adventure.

If you are not willing to die, you are not qualified to fulfil your purpose.

But the point is this, something sparked up in Esther that changed the entire course of history as soon as Mordecai unveil her purpose to her.

Mordecai challenged Esther to change her thinking. He helped Esther to think purposeful instead of playing it safe. He made Esther to know that God will find another alternative if Esther refuses to execute the purpose for which God brought her to the palace.

He encouraged and helped her to fulfil her purpose. So mentoring is pivotal to fulfilling purpose in a challenging time like this.

Be Persuaded

Before I conclude, I encourage you to be persuaded.

To be persuaded is to be convinced and definite about the dealings of God in your life.

Joseph was able to fulfil purpose in a challenging period of his life because he was persuaded that God sent him. He knew the One who sent him was able to help him.

Therefore, he was faithful, confident, resolute, diligent, relational and focused on the Lord.

Meanwhile, God cannot use you until He has separated you.

Separation is a key prerequisite for a fulfilment of purpose in a challenging period like this.

Abraham was called into separation (Genesis 12:1). Joseph was separated from his brethren for 13 years (Genesis 49:26).

Moses was separated from Egypt for 40 years Paul, the apostle declared that it pleased God to separate him from his mother’s womb and called him by His grace (Galatians 1:15).

That’s why you must not forget that God only uses those He has been able to separate from every form of contamination and impediment.

His word is, “Come out from among them and be separate, says The Lord. Do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you” (2 Corinthians 6:17).

If you are willing to see God use you as mighty instrument that will transform lives and nations, you must be separated from every form of corruption and contamination.