Respond Quickly to God’s Demand – April 9 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

One of the most important lessons I learnt in my marriage over the years is the difference between love and value. 

Treasure taught me that love responds to a spouse’s need, but value will respond very quickly. 

In other words, responding to the needs of my wife shows that I love her. But if I value her, I will respond with speed. 

Speed makes a Difference in Love

Men who cares about meeting the need that touches the heart of their wives must understand the Power of speed. 

Women knows they are loved when their husbands respond to their needs. But they know we value them when we respond urgently and with speed. 

Many relationships will begin to do well once there is a little shift in adding speed to our expression of love in meeting the felt and real needs of our spouses.

We will also begin to realize that this will become one of the major stairs to having our needs met by them.

Now, I will like us to note that the same attitude is another stair every visionary must take in reaching the mountain of God’s provision where supernatural provision has been made ready to fulfil a God-given vision (Genesis 22:3,12-14).

We must learn to express our love for God by responding to His demands on what He has committed to our hands with promptness.  

Love that is expressed with genuine speed is the true love. 

As we learn to add speed in our expression and execution of what touches the heart of God, we are simply taking the stairs to the mountain of supernatural provisions.

Speed in expressing our love for God, even when it looks difficult will suddenly open us up to God’s provisions already tied down for us. 

Everything you need to carry out God’s plan for your life is waiting for you to take the next step of speedy expression and execution of God’s demand on your life. 

Ask for speed in your obedience to God’s demand on your life and ministry. 

“Learn to add speed to your expression and execution of what touches the heart of God”

Matthew 5:13-16

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