Secrets of Unhindered Prosperity (1): Message by Benjamin Suulola

This week shall be a glorious week for you in the name of Jesus. God will cause all things to work well for your good. 

The favour of the Lord shall be your shield. In the midst of tightness, your steps shall be enlarged. 

Fresh ideas will flow into your spirit. Solutions will spring up in your mind. 

Mountains are subdued before you by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You shall not be restless. 

The Lord will ignite your hope and encourage you to overcome every challenge on your way.

I like to share with you about unhindered prosperity.

This is your portion in Christ – Unhindered Prosperity.

Last week, we prayed about unhindered progress in our health. It was emphasized to us that the plan of satan is to hinder the fulfilment of God’s promises in our lives.

This is one of the reasons we come around from time to time for Power to Succeed Anointing Service, so that we may be empowered in order to disband the enemy who is bent on bringing hindrances to our lives.

Before we pray, I like us to also understand that the plan of God for us this year is unhindered prosperity.

In third John 1: 2, the New Living Translation says, “Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.”

To be well with us is the will of Christ for our lives, work and families.

Prosperity is not only about money. It is about all being well with us. Satan hates to hear that all is well with you. But Jesus rejoices when He sees that all is well with you.

Henceforth, your testimonies will always be all is well with me.

There is a story of a particular woman who was blessed with a child through the prophecy of a servant of God. But after some time, Satan killed this child. 

The woman did not hesitate, she ran speedily to the prophet for help. While on her way, the prophet asked if all is well with her. The responds that all is well and that it shall be well.

We can learn a great lesson from this woman. She confessed her expectations before she finally explained the problem to the prophet. 

Let us learn to always confess our expectations no matter the problem we face at any moment.

It is the expectation you confess that becomes the manifestation you will possess (2 Kings 4:16-37).

This woman refused to allow Satan to steal the gift God has given to her. Every good gift God has given to us shall not be stolen by Satan in Jesus name.

Satan will never be able to steal anything from our lives again in the name of Jesus.

So, when the prophet asked if all is well, he was talking about prosperity. 

Another word for prosperity is good success.

The Lord instructed through Joshua that the book of the law which is the Bible should not depart from our mouth. He said it is our responsibility to ensure that the Book is engaged and obeyed always.

The Word of God is our Success Book.

It is our Prosperity Book.

Everything about our success has already been written in the Bible. That’s why God said we should embrace and engage it always.

Another word for prosperity is abundant life.

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10b).

How then can we be sure that our prosperity cannot be hindered by Satan?

It is by abiding in Jesus.

Our abiding in Jesus is what commands unhindered prosperity in our lives. The presence of God manifests with us when we abide in Christ.

No matter the situation around them, those who have the presence of God in their lives have the kind of success that cannot be stopped by Satan or any corresponding challenges.

It may be challenging but they will still be making progress. When God is with us, that’s the most important thing.

Four Things that Happens When God’s Presence is with You

  1. God will prosper your ways

According to Genesis 24:56, the man Abraham sent on assignment could not be hindered because God prospered his way.

Just as Jesus sent us to the world to win souls and to build lives for Him, He will prosper our way because of His assured Presence (Matthew 28:20)

This season and all the days of our lives, God will prosper our ways. He will prosper our ways.

In the Book of Ruth, we see how dangerous it is to journey without the assurance of the Presence of the Lord.

Elimelech took his family out of God’s presence because of famine to a land of abundance without the Presence of God.

After some time, he died and his only two adult sons also died. They left their wives and the poor mother behind.

There is a truth we must know that Elimelech failed to recognize. 

The Presence of God with you may not stop challenges from coming to you but will surely stop challenges from overcoming you.

It is better to face challenges with the Presence of God than to relocate to another place without His Presence. 

Never choose to go away from God’s Presence.

Decide to be like Moses who said to God, “We go nowhere except Your Presence go with us.”

No matter how challenging, when you settle for the Presence of God, you will soon be settled.

2. God will Prosper All that You Do

The Presence of God guarantees prosperity in all that we do. In Genesis 39:2-3, the Bible talks about Joseph who prospered in ALL he did because of God’s Presence.

Joseph got to the house of Potiphar’s as a slave, but became a General Manager of Potiphar’s business because God proved to be with him. 

Your title does not matter. What matters anywhere you work is the Presence that you carry.

It is the Presence you carry that determines the level of Success that you will command.

When God causes all you do to prosper, His Presence becomes a Reference Point in your life. 

In verse twenty-three, when Joseph was thrown into the prison because he insisted to settle with God’s Presence than to lose Him for pleasure of sin, he was still prosperous.

God can never be limited by man’s limitations. His Presence can manifest anywhere to prosper His dear children.

I told my wife when we had certain needs to meet that I don’t even think about them.

I’m not just saying that I don’t get worried about them, but even to think about them is not necessary.


The Presence of God is our insurance against every form of lack and necessity. God is more than enough to meet all our needs.

You need not to think about your needs. This is how Jesus instruct believers to live. Our only concern should be the pursuit of God’s Kingdom and His righteousness while other things will be added to us by God.

It has not occurred to me to think how something will done because God has always been doing it.

No matter the tightness around, I’m a child of God that cannot be limited. 

There is always a full assurance in me that God will never leave me nor forsake me. He will always prosper what I do. He will never get me stranded.

Do you have such assurance in you? 

Can you simply trust the LORD for all your needs and rely on Him with absolute confidence?

3. God will Prosper You

God is interested in you. He is interested in your prosperity. Your personal prosperity is a pleasure to God.

Psalm 35:27 says, “Let the Lord be magnified, which has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”

In first Chronicles 22:11, David prayed for Solomon that God will be with him and prosper him that he may be able to build for the Lord.

If God will not prosper us, we can’t accomplish anything for the Lord! 

Some of us desire to build mighty things for God and to do great exploits for Him in our life time, but we need the prosperity of God. 

I want to assure you that God will prosper you for the dream He has planted in your heart.

4. God will make You an Agent of Prosperity

The fourth thing that happens when God’s presence is with you is to make you an agent of prosperity. In other words, your life will be making other people prosperous. 

Many lives will become successful for God through your life and influence on them. 

Yesterday, I began to think about the dream the Lord has planted in my heart about how to give many young children hope for their future. To help many children who lack access to basic needs of life – food, healthcare, education and shelter. I see this as a mission to raise those children for Christ.

God’s desire for our lives is that we become agent of prosperity in our generation. We must not just carry a mentality of asking God for what will be enough for us when there are many lives outside languishing in lack and poverty. 

The mentality of ‘what is enough for me only’ is the reason why the prosperity of many has been limited. One of my mentors said the prayer of Agur in Proverbs 30:7-9 to God about ‘what is enough for me’ came because of ignorance of the purpose of God’s prosperity in his life 

The fact that you have a little does not mean you will not sin against God and having so much does not reduce your love for the Lord. The most important issue is the state of our hearts.

When a heart is evil, neither poverty nor prosperity can alter it. And the same happens when we maintain a right heart before the Lord.

Abraham was highly prosperous and his prosperity did not corrupt him because he had unreserved love for God. 

The Lord tested his heart in Genesis 22:1-19 and found him ever committed to His love.

Because of this, Abraham became an agent of prosperity for all Generations. 

We will look further into the covenant secrets that secures unhindered prosperity in the next article.