Contending with Forces Fighting Against Your Destiny in Christ

“Nor Give Place to the devil” ~ Ephesians 4:27

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Contending with forces fighting against your destiny in Christ is not an option. It is unavoidable by those who desperately desire to fulfill Thier God ordained destinies.

Life is not free of oppositions. It is full of oppositions.

It is only when the enemy has relegated and useless a man that he will not bother about such again, but when your life is active in the pursuit of God’s plan for your life, you must be ready for oppositions from Satan.

There are two categories of people that satan will always leave alone.

1. Those who will never leave the devil alone until he leaves them alone.
2. Those who have accepted defeat from Satan.

You must not look at people as your enemy because we are not wrestling against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:10 – 12).

One of the best strategies of satan is to make a believer focus on the wrong enemy. Satan is our arch-enemy and we must face him squarely.

You have to contend for your destiny because your destiny is not cheap.

It is only what is cheap that you don’t contend for.

Because you don’t have a cheap destiny that is why you don’t have a weak opposition.

Moreover, we must constantly be reminded that we are not to fight a fresh battle, it is a battle that has been won on the cross by Christ.

Jesus died on the cross so that you can receive power to overcome the opposition that hinders the destinies of men.

One of the enemies that we must contend with is SIN (1John 3:8).

Sin is a wrong commitment that destroys strength.

I declare that you receive grace to contend for your inheritance in Christ.

We have to draw strength from Christ to effectively contend for our inheritance (Ephesians 6:10).

Every day is a day to resist the devil until your hand lay hold on the promise that God has given you in Christ.

I like you to pray now to receive the grace to lay hold on what God has prepared for you in Christ.

O Lord by Your Power destroy the power of sin completely in my life in the name of Jesus and empower me by Your Spirit to overcome forces fighting against my inheritance in You.