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Leading with Charcater, Competence and Courage

Leading by Anointing (8) – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotional

The anointed and his prayer life is our focus today. If anointing is for Warfare, then prayer is a major weapon of the anointed. There is no much that can be achieved through a prayerless anointed.  Prayer is a regulator that puts the life of the anointed in shape. It helps to maintain the fire…
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Getting God’s Best through Prayer – Feb 26 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

The most common error of mankind in every generation is to always settle for the less. One major pursuit of our adversary, which has become his single focus right from his successful intrusion to the Garden of Eden is to make man fall short of experiencing God’s best (Romans 3:23). Nothing is more sorrowful than…
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Timeless Principles and Practical Advise for Prospering in Hard Times

The most common error of hard times is the temptation to make a WRONG DECISION because you don’t know what to do. Hard times always leads people to