Tapping into Your Limitless Possibilities

Tapping into Your Limitless Possibilities

We don’t learn to desire greatness, we all were born with the hunger to seek for it. You may not like to be the odd one out, but in the midst of a crowd you would always cherish the little colourful ribbon on your dress, which says loud and clear that you are a very important personality (VIP). Ribbon or not, high table or not, you are a great personality, only if you know so.

There are enormous potentials and deposits of greatness, which God has placed in you. The power within you, if converted to electrical energy will light up a city. Ye (truly) are the light of the world.

Until a lion realizes that he is the leader, his roar can never reflect the pride of the jungle’s dynasty. And until an eagle has certainty that its place is in the realms of the heavens, it will continue to perch with chickens.

Life is not to be lived unconsciously; you can only live a quality one if you are aware of the intricate opportunities within you. Because what you do not realize you cannot utilize. Be aware!

You can become elite, build an empire, literally you can become whatever you desire, go wherever you wish and live your dream life, only if you are aware that the possibilities lies within you. We are well able. This is the truth you have to believe about yourself to succeed.

Without realizing it you could be dying of thirst, while you swim in abundance yet oblivious of it. That’s the story of the prodigal son, “And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and spare, and I perish with hunger.

Your goal in life should be to live consciously of the huge possibilities that you represent as a person and to believe it. So many people go through life without realizing the power and potential that they have within.

Stop playing the victim; choose differently, live life out from your inside. Your undoing would be to despise yourself, and your little beginning.

You can be all you dream.

This post is an excerpt from The Power of One, the latest book published by my friend, Femi Olamilekan. He is a widely sought after conference speaker. He is a Personal Development and Leadership Coach, and the convener of the trademark, Power Botton Conference.