The 10 Steps to Enjoy God’s Best for Your Life

Temmy and Eliot have been married for the past eight years. They are indeed wonderful couple that anyone will love to relate with. In the six years of their marriage, God blessed them with two lovely children. They enjoyed a peaceful home. Temmy runs an automobile business while Eliot takes care of the children at home. They were supportive to each other and things keep working for their favour. This continued until the seventh year of their marriage.
          Eliot was pregnant with their third child when the problem suddenly began. Temmys automobile business collapsed, the children could no longer go to school. A time came when they had nothing to feed and Temmy resolved to debts. The situation was terrible that the creditors came around to disgrace Temmy at home. It was during this situation Eliot gave birth to a baby girl. Tragically, the baby died on the seventh day. Their situation became so awful, appalling and more horrible. Can you imagine the kind of hurts, heartbroken, emotional distress and sorrow the family experienced. Most times, Temmy would wish to encourage Eliot to be strong and courageous. But of them would eventually lose control and began to weep and lament. They were dominated by depression, agony, shattered dream and worry.

          Then, one certain night, both Temmy and Eliot were on the bed. Temmy couldnt just sleep; he was actively awake thinking about their circumstance. It was around 2:00 am when he felt a voice whisper in his heart –Temmy, why do you allow defeat to knock you down?Why do you lose the hope of receiving Gods best for your life and family?Your triumphant living begins now.Temmy got up from his bed and walked around the house. He felt as if new strength has been imparted in to him. Then, he made up his mind to take steps to enjoy Gods best for his family. He took the ten steps I shall discuss in this book and great things began to happen in his life and family. I will share his triumphant testimony with you towards the end of this book.