The black and white means of communication has remained powerful for many centuries ago. The old writers worked to retain and sustain values, traditions, laws, principles, cultures, and beliefs – to herald change and transformation that thrives on the basis of individual discovery. Although, there are still many challenges in spite of the work these great writers have done. But I still stand to say, writing – whether positive or negative has made immense impact on people over the years. 
          The transformation of every generation is attached to the quality of information that is permitted to influence the people. And it is mainly achieved through communication, but ultimately, by the power of writing.
          Above all, the impact of Christian writers in the world has been so amazing. God has taught the hands of men and women in different places to harvest souls establish people in faith and knowledge of Christ. Many have been liberated from power of ignorance through Christian writing. Countless numbers of people discovered who they were created to be, which helped them to maximize their lives for God. It has also helped the church to deal with heresies, false doctrines, and different idiosyncrasies in the body of Christ. Meanwhile, these are just few mentioned from what Christian writing has achieved.
          I think the fathers have tried; they have done their best to communicate accurate mind of God to His people through their writings.
          God is now raising young Christian writers who will improve on the best of the fathers to reach our world with the word of God. Writers who are excellent and effective – that are not writing for the sake of what to get but what to give to transform the world. And, I believe the world whole world needs Kingdom message this time.
          If you are young and have passion for the Lord; you must stir up the gift of God in you. God is raising young Christian writers to spread the message of His Kingdom to the whole world. Young African Christian Writers’ Forum is a group which God has empowered to carry out this mission. We will like to help you achieve your dreams and passion to make impact in the world.  
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