The great man of God, T.L Osborn once said, “Faith is your aspiration turned God-ward.” It is your discovery of His promises based on His ability and your conviction to receive them from Him. It is simply: God said it; I believe it and it is mine. That is, what God said and your agreement to make it yours. Therefore, faith always lingers on what God said.
Faith is a product of revelation that is generated through the word of God. It is not what you wish or think you can do, rather, it is what has been revealed to you by the word. Therefore, faith is not learned but caught through revelation.
The scriptures says,“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). I want you to take note of the word “comes,” that is, faith must enters into you (by the word of God) before it will go out from you as your conviction in God’s ability to perform His word. To always experience triumphant living requires faith in God. Then, this faith comes by hearing God’s word. So to build your faith, immerse yourself inside God’s word. Let it dwell in you and you will begin to grow in faith.
As you live in Christ, let His word also live in you. When you do this, Jesus said you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you (John 15:7). Christ knows when His words abide in you; your life will be conformed to His image. You will be living right. Your faith will be strong in Him. And this will qualify you to receive whatever you desire from Him. As you can see, the word of God is very paramount to our triumphant living. It is the key to personal transformation. It is the faith builder and when you abide in it, whatever you desire from God in prayers will be done for you.
I encourage you to make God’s word abide in you. Let it be the regulator of your thoughts and decisions. Do not act outside its bound in all you do. To make God’s word abide in you is to give it a resident in you. It will build you up, make you grow and grant you victory over all challenges of life.
I see you taking charge over the negative circumstances and difficulties of your life in Jesus name.