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The Power of Your Dream 1

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Foresight is the entrance of light into to the future of men and it is essential in the pursuit of ones destiny and living a purposeful life.

Whatever has to do with foresight is beyond the present and can only be seen with the entrance of light. One of the major components of foresight is Dream.

Dream Defined

Dream is image or imagination of the future as formed in the heart of a man. It could be said to be the desire, ambition, aspiration or cravity in the heart of a man.

Dream on its own is the passage of the future light into the mind of a man. It is so powerful that it can take away sleep from men and make him be on his toes until the dream is realized.

Dream is not just what is seen when one is sleeping but it is what keeps a man awake

Iyanda Yinka

Dream in category

Dream could be for instructional purpose, warning, encouragement for the present or revelation into the future. The aspect of dream that I will deal with presently is the revelation into the future

Dream is often environmental. Ecc.5:3 and it could be Revelational

Environmental Dream

What happens around you or to you can create in you a desire or passion to achieve something.

Some people dreamt of freedom because they saw people or themselves in prison, many dreamt of being rich because they have seen their family suffering in poverty while many desire a profession because they have seen people doing such.

Revelational Dream

On the other hand, revelational dream is not created by what happen in the environment but what happen in the “invironment”.

Example of such a dream is found in Moses who was enjoying the title of the “son of Pharaoh’s Daughter. This entitled him not only to the treasures and enjoyment in the land but also to the throne of Pharaoh.

Despite these legasse of enjoyment, what is happening with Moses internally will not allow him to continue, but he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh Daughter, Heb 11:24, 25 and this sent him to be the house of Jethro where he was tending animals. What a ridiculous thing

The revelational dream must be pursue in the place of the environmental dream because it is connected to the purpose or the assignment of the man on earth.

You are a Dreamer

Everyone born of man has at one time or the other being a dreamer. It is not compulsory you close your eyes or sleep to have this type of dream. Rev. Martin Luther King was a great dreamer.

He saw the possibility of an egalitarian world, where discrimination will be eliminated. He formed this into the statement I had a dream has gone worldwide and the dream has come to manifest. Though many people give up on their dream when they are encountered with a difficulty but dare to dream again and again because the future belongs to those who can dream of it today

Tomorrow belongs to those who can dream of it today

Iyanda Yinka

Dare to dream again

To live the best of life today, dare to dream  because whatever you can’t dream today, you can’t have it tomorrow. It is only what you dreamt of  today that turns reality tomorrow.

Dreams should not be limited to what you see when you sleep but it should be what will make you not to sleep.

Iyanda Yinka

Quality of your dream

Dream is the wildest imagination of a man but the joy is that it is realizable. it must as well be understood that the quality of your dream is the quality of your future because it is dreams that gives the energy to birth the future and make it a reality.

The dream of tomorrow is a guide to how to live today.

The dream is the pathway to our better tomorrow.

Iyanda Yinka

The dream should be big enough that is controversial. The size of your dream is what makes you exceptional

Nevertheless, we must bear in our mind that a dream of tomorrow without any action today is just a wishful thinking; it is a revelation in futility. No wonder the saying if wishes are horses, beggars will ride the best one.

Therefore, let your dream keep you awake

Work to bring the dream to reality. Everyone dreams when they sleep but only those who refuse to sleep can bring their dreams to reality.

A dream written down, well understood and with a time bound on it becomes a goal and a goal taking into action becomes a reality

The reality of a dream belongs to those who can pursue it