A challenge gives birth to vision. Whenever you see the birth of a vision, there must be something to change and transform. It is always a moment to see what is not there. Vision deals with hope of transforming the challenge of the present. But often than none, great vision is born in the midst of challenges, not in comfort or pleasure. It is dissatisfaction and inability to accept mediocrity and status quo that gives birth to vision. 
Vision is simply seeing beauty out of ugliness. It is the ability to see success when failure is present, light when darkness is all over the place, victory when defeat abound and joy when sorrow is the only experience that persist.  
Vision is the vehicle of transformation and hope.
It is the force that has produced positive change so far since the beginning of human existence. 
David had a vision of victorious Israel during the threats of Philistines represented by Goliath (I Samuel 17). 
We saw the power of vision at work in Abraham’s life when God wanted a nation for Himself that will serve and obey Him. He called Abraham to leave his native country, relatives, and his father’s family to the land He would show him, and promised to bless him there.
 When God called him, Abraham moved out in faith from Ur to Haran and finally to Canaan. God then established a covenant with Abraham, telling him that he would found a great nation. Not only would this nation be blessed, God said, but the other nations of the earth would be blessed through Abraham descendants. But this time, Abraham was still barren without a child.
Yet God had a vision that Israel, the nation that would come from Abraham, was to follow God and influence those with whom it came in contact with. Through Abraham’s generation, Jesus Christ was born to save humanity. Through Christ, people can have a personal relationship with God and be blessed beyond measure. But at the beginning was a vision to restore mankind to God.
 I like to say to you. The challenges you are facing right now are there to make you and not to destroy you. It has the potentials to release into you great vision of a better tomorrow. Sometimes we can’t see greater things God wants to do through our lives in the midst of pleasure. Comfort zone is never the right place to receive great vision.
Comfort is good yet it can kill great vision if not handled properly. Many people with great, powerful and transforming vision have jeopardized it because of uncontrolled comfort.
Many great visions have been aborted because of carelessness in comfort zones. The most dangerous killer of vision is comfort zone. It has power to make us lose the grip of focus on our God-given vision. When we become so relaxed and seems that we have lost the pursuit, passion and picture of the future, it is the beginning of aborting great vision. It is a sign of impending defeat. When nothing seems to put us on our toes again, there is tendency for us to lose the sight of what is ahead of us. We may settle for the available at the expense of the desirable. 
It is very disheartening that many people have lost their future to Mr. Comfort zone. They were once on their toes before pursuing aggressively a passionate vision, but now they have settled for the average where it seems they are enjoying a little comfort. This is the reason why God sometimes permits challenges in our lives. It is something natural for everyone to become less passionate, concerned, focused and remains insistent in the midst of comfort.
Comfort sometimes makes us to drop the practice of discipline needed to achieve the pursuit of great vision. As soon as we allow this, it becomes very difficult for us to keep in perspective the vision of our glorious future. This little drifting is what led most visionaries and people with great expectation of a beautiful future into defeat.
God wants us to be comfortable. But He does not want us to lose our future to temporal comfort. He wants us to have comfort but not that comfort should have us. He has great plans for our future far beyond what we see or enjoy in the present.
We must strive not to allow the comfort of life blindfold us towards the vision God has given to us. This can be achieved when we understand why God sometimes bring relief to us as we pursue His vision for our lives.
The relief or comfort we may receive on our journey is meant to encourage us along the way. It comes to let us know that God is still with us and to keep us vibrant and active in the pursuit of that vision.
God knows our human frailty and limitations. He knows there is an extent to which we can cope under suffering. Therefore, He brings us temporal relief and comfort to cheer us up along the way.