What is your definition of life? To me, life is a journey and contest theater. It is a journey because we have a destination and a contest theater because we must fight through.
I hope you will agree with me. Every morning we awake is another moment to fight a good fight of faith to triumph in the face of stiff oppositions and limitations. Unfortunately, many people are being defeated, silenced, and pulled down every day. My mentor once said, “Most people fail in life not because they want to fail. It is because they don’t know how to succeed.”
 Norman Vincent Peale once asked a wise and philosophical Negro man how he overcame his difficulties. The man answered, “Well, first I try to go around it, and if I can’t go around it, I try to get under it, and if I can’t get under it, I try to go over it, and if I can’t get over it, I just plow right through it.”Then he added, “God and I plow right through it.”
How you can deal with troubles and challenges of life capable of stopping the fulfillment of your God-given destiny. And the best way to overcome them is what this book all about.
        I believe God delights in you rising above your limitations and not to be under them. He wants you to move beyond sympathetic living to glorious living. God wants you to experience a supernatural living, where you and not your situation will be in command. God is not happy when you are crawling under defeat and self-pity. He doesn’t want you to live in mediocrity. No. He created you to be above, not below. He has made everything available for your good. Yes, you may say, “life has not been fair to me. I was not taken care of by my parents. I didn’t have good education, I married a wrong spouse. My children are making me unhappy, I have no job, my business is not growing and so on…”
        There are many and many other reasons to show that life has not been fair to you, and I wouldn’t argue that fact. But may I tell you, in spite of whatever you are going through right now: God wants the best for you. The scripture says, “God is mindful of you.”(Psalm 8:4).
You are very important to Him that He thinks about your joy, peace, finances, marriage, career and every other thing that concerns you. The man called Job, in spite of all his calamities understood the concern of God for you and me. He said, “What is man, that thou should magnify Him?”(Job 7:17). I want you to know that your value before God goes beyond what anyone can describe.
Irrespective of the corner life has thrown you, believe that God wants the best for you and the time is now! You don’t need to stay any longer in that situation. You are already more than conqueror through Him that loved us.”(Romans 8:37). 
God has made you more than conqueror through the love of Christ for you. The best life God wants for you has already been released through Jesus.  Your healing, success, progress, joy and every other wonderful thing were released long ago. God is not just making them up to you now; they have been packaged into your salvation. They are part of your goodly inheritance (Psalm 16:6). Whatever that is going to bring God’s best out your life is already available for your use. It is now your responsibility to tap into these heavenly resources. You can’t afford to keep whining and complaining about your troubles and problems anymore. God has made available all you need to enjoy His best for you. 
As you read this book, I’m trusting God for the possibility power of God to touch you.
The best God wants for you now will begin to manifest – even as we go through each step.
Meanwhile, the foundation to lay all these steps is an open heart that believes in God’s possibility power. You have to prepare your heart very well.
Your heart is the soil that will receive every seed of the word of God which will be planted in to it. This means: whatever your life will produce will first be processed by your heart. When the soil texture of your heart is good, your life will produce what is good. It is also the other way round; bad state of heart will produce bad results.
That is why the Bible says, you should keep your heart with all diligence because every good thing of life flows through it (Proverbs 4:23). So, I want you to fix your heart on God, begin to expect the best He wants for you. No matter what you may be going through now or you might have been through, believe in your heart that your change is now. Believe that all things are working together for your good.
This heart preparation is important because only what your heart is capable of receiving is what your life is capable of experiencing.
Your heart must be strong enough to believe the best God has in store for you, then the result will follow suit. I want you to get ready for the best in your heart. Believe that your life can improve from what it used to be to what God wants you to become.
 I want you to trust God for that promotion you have been expecting over a long time. Start believing God in your heart for your relationship, seeing your life coming back to the best of you despite the heart broken you might have experienced.
Open your heart to God. 
Let Him see that you are not only ready for change, but you are determined to receive the best from Him. When your heart is prepared for change and you trust God for the best, you will certainly become what you are seeing.
As you follow the steps with your heart, it may look like nothing is happening to you initially.
But never mind! 
Keep believing God for the best, go ahead to do the right thing in faith. Continue to speak God’s word and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. 
You will soon discover that once God’s word is released into a situation, the effect and expected change gives way and submit to it immediately. But time frame between the outer manifestation and God’s word is your own step of faith.
Don’t wait to see manifestation before you act on the word. It is the other way. Act on the word by faith immediately and the manifestation will come.
The examples of this were ten lepers healed by Christ in Luke 17:12. After their encounter with Him, Christ instructed that they should go and present themselves to the priests. The priests then were the only final authority that authenticates the cleanliness of leprosy. After their scrutiny, they will declare the leper cleansed and grant him the liberty to live among the people. 
But in the case of these ten lepers, Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priest, even when they were still carrying the leprosy. Without arguing, by faith they obeyed and went. But the scriptures tells us that, “as they went, the leprosy disappeared.
 Their miracles came as they acted on God’s word, despite that the leprosy was still physically present.
Now, that is God’s word for us. Telling us we are healed even when the sickness is still there. He will tell you that you are rich even when you may be seeing lack around you.
God calls those things that were not as if they were (Romans 4:17). This is the reason we should not be moved by what we see. Whatever we see around us is temporal. Our pains, sickness, barrenness, joblessness, disappointment, lack, frustration, regrets and other vices are temporal. They can’t last. We will surely outlast them. 
But the things we don’t see now are powerful because they are wrapped in the word of God and they can never weaken, lose colour and fade away. They will last with us. And that is God’s best for us.
You are the reason why I have written this book. I want you to enjoy God’s best for your life which is the product of triumphant living experience. 
No matter what has happened to you or whichever state your life is, there’s no end to extent of God’s best you can enjoy. As you follow the seven steps shared in this book, your life will take a quantum leap to heaven’s idyllic, delightful, wonderful, pleasurable, peaceful, blissful enjoyment and celebration.
Are you ready for the experience?
 Then, let’s begin the journey.
 You are welcome to the world of victory, conquest, success, accomplishment and triumph.
Yours in the race of destiny,
Benjamin Suulola.
December, 2011.