Timeless Principles and Practical Advise for Prospering in Hard Times

Prospering in Hard Times
“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” – Proverbs 24:10

Hard times are inevitable. The question is: what can we do to prosper in hard times?

Sometimes what people do is complain, lament, run away, commit suicide, blame the government, commit crime or do all sorts of negative things that ruins rather than help.

The most common error of hard times is the temptation to make  a WRONG DECISION because you don’t know what to do. Hard times always leads people to wrong decisions.

But the first principle of prospering in hard times is: Getting a Sense of Direction from God. We must be careful in hasting to make a decision about –  job, business, property, investment, relationships – until we have received a direction from the Lord. Haste makes Waste. Learning to entrust our decisions to the leading of God can save us from some unwarranted regrets.

Obedience pays at all times but pays more in hard times. When we have a sense of direction from the Lord, we should learn to obey His instructions. God knows BEST. When He ask you to wait, you can never regret your decision to wait. When He says move forward, even when you can’t  see a way before you, He will always make a way.

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He makes a way by giving IDEAS or by LINKING YOU with a Covenant RELATIONSHIP.  When things are hard around you, your prayer should be LORD, show me what to do!

There’s always a solution to every problem of our lives, if God can just open our eyes to the solution already provided around or within us (See Genesis 21:19).

Every need has provision.

Every question has an answer.

Every beginning has an end.

Every problem has solution.

It is our responsibility to seek the Lord for provision, answer, end and solution. It is not our responsibility to make anything happen. We just need to trust the Lord for what He wants us to do.

Our Role is to SIMPLY OBEY.