“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Writing is a skill, which like all the other artistic skills, you can learn and develop with proper instruction and practice.
I like to share with you the vital keys you need to develop your writing skills. When you focus on improving your writing through proper instruction and practice, it will make a good writer out of you.

#1 – The More You Write, the Better You Become
It’s been said that the desire to write grows with writing. In other words, the secret to writing a book is to just write. Albert Hubbard says, “The only way to learn to write is to write and write and write and write and write and write and write.”
The more you write, the better you become. And the best way to do it is to establish a certain time to practice your writing skills. Make sure you spend as much time as possible practicing your writing exercises. Cultivate the habit of writing every day. Good writers are always writing something new.
They are always with a personal journal, notepads, pens, dictionary, magazines, newspapers and variety of books. Therefore, it is important you decide the time and commitment you need to become a better writer and go ahead to do it.

#2 – The More You Read, the More You Are Inspired To Write
Statistics revealed that most writers are readers. According to the California Writing Project, which aims to improve student writing and learning, says, “Reading and writing are interrelated. That, reading improves writing and writing also improves reading.”
In the process, I discovered the more I read, the better I also practiced writing down some thoughts and ideas that I received. And within a short time I have started writing on list of topics that I found inspiring and challenging to me.
So I encourage you to give yourself to reading. Not only should you spend time practicing your writing skills, but you should also read materials that are inspiring, educational, entertaining and informative. Buy books that can challenge your mind and give you ideas to write. Locate materials that deals with topics you want to write a book about, and study them.
My first development came through the passion I had for reading. I started visiting bookstores when I was not earning any salary, but once I received money gift from anyone, my first thought would be a book. Reading will make you a good writer and will also expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar.
So, the more you read, the more you are inspired to write. I appreciate this fact because that was how I discovered a writer in me. Then I was without good clothes, and the only pair of shoes I had was already crying “Please change me” when I walked. But I was more interested in using my little money to buy books than clothes. I kept purchasing materials that can help me improve my skills.

#3 – Acquire the Expertise and Knowledge Required to Becoming a Successful Writer
The fastest way to develop your writing skills is to be trained by professionals. There are many writing schools and professional courses you can take to develop your writing. It will really help to fast-track your knowledge. The knowledge it has taken some people many years to accumulate can be delivered to you within a short period of time.
So, it is important to acquire the knowledge and expertise. You can check the Internet for various online courses that will help you. And another avenue is to attend writers’ conferences and seminars.
You can attend our own training called “PRWA” (Purpose Reminder Writers Academy) in any of the designated centres. Our training will make a writer out of you and help you achieve your writing dream in any field or career that you have chosen.

#4 – Create Your Own Writing Style
Just like talented musicians sing in a unique and different styles, good writers also have their unique writing styles. And it is important you create your own style. This may be difficult to do when you are just beginning as a new writer, but never mind. It is okay for you to just write now as you feel comfortable. But when you create your own style, it makes certain readers to be comfortable reading your book.
They just like your style of passing a message to them and they stick to your book. I know many great authors with their unique styles.
Few of them are Kenneth E. Hagin, James Allen, Max Lucado, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Josiah Bolarinwa, Praise George and many others. So, you can follow these steps to create your own style on the long run. First, know the kind of books you write. Second, write in a way it flows through you. Third, be consistent with your style. Ensure that you maintain your style – tone, arrangement of words, quotations, colour of your paper and other things your readers can see all the time.

#5 – Develop Your Imagination
Your imagination is a world of unlimited possibilities.
Words are compilation of thoughts. And thoughts are products of your imagination. In other words, the quality of your imagination forms the quality of your thoughts, and the quality of your thoughts becomes the quality of your words.
So, it is very important you develop your imagination. Make sure you don’t imagine vain and negative things. Let your imaginations be positive, optimistic, constructive and affirmative. Let it be in the direction of limitless opportunities. When you develop your imagination, you will develop your writing skills.
It is a place where a book must first be birthed before it becomes reality. Your imaginations are thoughts that you process in your heart. They form the picture of an unseen reality in your own mind. And as you develop the power of your imagination, you improve your writing.
“Having imagination, says Franklin P. Adams, it takes you an hour to write a paragraph that, if you were unimaginative, would take you only a minute. Or you might not write the paragraph at all.”

Kindly share your personal experience in developing writing skills…your contribution will go a long way to help others.